Islam Question & Answer: Islam’s ruling on cannibalism for survival

What does islam Tell us about cannibalism. considering that one is trapped and can only eat a dead person. such as the crash of the aircraft Fuerza-Aérea-Uruguaya-Flug 571. Thank you for your answer. May Allah bless you The Quran says in regards to eating prohibited things: But if one is forced by necessity, without willful […]


Islam Question & Answer: Coworker encourages them to sin

Assalamu Alaikum, How do we deal with human evil ? My “muslim” co-worker knows I’m still a virgin and that I don’t eat pork and non-halal stuff ( Pretty logical for a muslim right ? ) but he’s kind of teasing me and asking me if I want to eat the pork or drink bear […]


Islam Question & Answer: Laughter in dreams and menstruation

In response to Did Abraham’s wife Sarah laugh at the destruction of Lot’s people? Laughter in a dream can be interpreted as menstruation and I have certainly found this happening, especially when I think that I am not menstruating, but the dream appears as a vision to warn me that I am–laughter can thus be interpreted […]


Islam Question & Answer: Is it wrong in Islam to feel jealous?

Salam, this guy i know is probably the one person i met who is genuinely kind-hearted and different to me. But, sometimes i have doubts about crushes and i just think about how im always thinking about the person i like rather than Allah SWT. I was afraid of how Allah might take him away […]


Islam Question & Answer: On helping a friend come back to Islam

Assalamualaikum… My friend talks to her male colleagues and goes out with them… and sometimes she put heart emoji when she replies to their posts on social media. The problem is, she thinks that it’s not wrong because they’re just friends. She’s really good but i don’t know why she’s doing this! What should I […]


Islam Question & Answer: Can babies see angels?

Salaam brother! My father always used to tell us that little babies can see angels and I heard the same thing about mentally disabled people (those incapable of going through the test of this dunya). I recently dealt with such mentally ill children and looking at their behaviour (“talking” to the air, laughing at random) […]

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