Why do traditional societies care so much about a woman’s virginity?
Why did God let His scriptures (the Torah and the Gospels) become corrupted?
Why Europe’s new feudal lords hate digital piracy even if it doesn’t harm their profits
Did God intend for Satan to not bow down to Adam? Why did He let it happen?
What is Tawbah Nasoohah?
Islam and dealing with PTSD from sexual abuse
Being a Muslim and a tomboy
How do Muslims justify their Prophet supposedly marrying a 9-year-old girl?
The Most Desirable Women for Marriage are in their Early Twenties and Sexually Inexperienced
Will a young Muslim woman miss out on marriage by not dating and having relationships?
Will God forgive your sins?
Islamic Strategies for Escaping a Sinful Life
Dealing with an eating disorder (and other mental conditions) as a Muslim
It is permissible for Muslim women to pluck their eyebrows (with conditions)
On the Rohingya Muslims
Keeping your Islamic faith when going to a Christian school
The Islamic way to getting over a breakup
The Islamic view of watching anime and reading manga
The Last Mufti of Iranian Kurdistan (And a Critique of Political Islam)
The Islamic Way to Getting Wealthy: Worship God Until You Feel Needless
The iPhoneX vs the Samsung Galaxy S6
Animation of a growing binary tree
What to do if all the negative coverage of Islam and online Islam-bashing affects you
Is the Deathly Hallows sign related to the “Illuminati”?
Difference Between Sunnah Muakkadah and Ghair Muakkadah
Are tattoos permissible in Islam?
Do you need wudu’ to make du’a or dhikr?
On kind-hearted non-Muslims being better than evil Muslims
Dealing with auto-Islamophobia
Can Muslims keep dogs as pets?
Is donating blood permissible in Islam?
On the Scrabble and IQ debate, or why mastering Scrabble doesn’t require genius
God and depression
The Islamic View of Sex Education (and Adolescent Exposure to Sexual Scenes in Novels and Films)
What to do if you make a mistake during salah (formal prayer)?
What is the right age for a Muslim woman to get married?
Will one’s prayers be valid if they unknowingly make an error in them for a long period of time?
How long can you delay the isha prayer?
Raising and lowering the finger during salah (formal prayer)
How soon are the sunnah prayers performed after the fard prayers?
“The Journey of Job” by Badr Shakir al-Sayyab (1962)
PSX startup
Flat earth
Feminism and reality
Parsing HTML with Regular Expressions
Why Most Terrorists are Muslim: An Introduction to Modern Islamic Terrorism
How to increase iman (piety and mindfulness of God)
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