Intelligence: All That Matters by Stuart Ritchie

IQ and intelligence, as a topic of study in themselves, no longer interest me very much because they are largely a foregone conclusion for me. Long ago I was convinced of the very realness and importance of IQ and of the fact that it is largely a genetically-mediated trait. What interests me these days is applying the knowledge gleaned from this field to other areas of inquiry that interest me.

I made an exception for the very short book Intelligence: All That Matters by the young researcher Stuart Ritchie, hoping that it would b an authoritative summary of the field that I can refer other people to in my work, those who inevitably come along in all discussions of intelligence to enlighten us about how it is all in our heads. And the book serves this function reasonably well, hopefully it will help enlighten our enlighteners that there may be more to humans than they assume.

Despite mentioning the emptiness of the IQ-increasing promises of Mozard CDs and brain training games, he is still what may be described as a little overly optimistic about the prospects of improving people’s intelligence, though perhaps he has to be considering the commonly held views of many of the people who are going to be reading his book.

The Early Development of Hanafi Usul al-Fiqh by Murteza Bedir

Download [PDF – 23 MB]

Murteza Bedir’s PhD thesis The Early Development of Hanafi Usul al-Fiqh is an interesting study of the development of usul al-fiqh in the Hanafi school. It describes a process of slowly eliminating the freedom of intellect of the early Hanafi school as succeeding generations tried to reform the school to fit more with Shafi`i style orthodoxy. The earliest studied scholar is the Persian Hanafi legal theorist al-Jassas, whose writings provide the foundations for Hanafi legal theory, perhaps in large part due to his preservation of the opinions of earlier legal theorists like Isa ibn Aban.

The above is a download link to the study I am placing it on my site since currently it is available for free on the rent-seeking site Scribd, which makes it difficult to download it. I am guessing Dr. Bedir couldn’t find a better way of offering it on the internet.

The Indo-Europeanization of the Abbasid Caliphate

It is easy to think that the Abbasid caliphate was an “Arab” empire. The emperors themselves were proud to trace their lineage back to Abbas, uncle of Prophet Muhammad. Yet within 150 years of its founding, Arab genes made up less than 1% of the genetic makeup of the emperors, and this remained so until the very end.

The first significant emperor with Indo-European genes was the half-Persian al-Ma’mun, who had his capital at the Persian city of Merv in Central Asia for ten years before moving to Baghdad. During his reign a trend started for preferring Greek and Persian concubines for producing the next generation of emperors, so that the amount of Arab genes declined to insignificant amounts. Al-Muqtadir, who reigned from 908 – 929 CE was 99.38% Indo-European.

It can be seen from the table below that the Abbasid caliphate was an Arab empire at its beginning, transformed into an Indo-European empire (with four successive emperors having 97%+ Indo-European genes!) during its Golden Age, then started to increasingly mix with Turkic genes during its decline.

Reign Name Father Mother Race Indo-European Percentage*
750 – 754 Al-Saffah Muhammad (Arab) Raita (Arab) 100% Arab 0%
754 – 775 Al-Mansur Muhammad b. Ali (Arab) Sallamah (Berber slave) 50% Arab, 50% Berber 0%
775 – 785 Al-Mahdi Al-Mansur Arwi (Yemeni Arab) 75% Arab, 25% Berber 0%
786 – 809 Harun al-Rashid Al-Mahdi Al-Khayzuran (Arab slave) 87.5% Arab, 12.5 Berber 0%
813 – 833 Al-Ma’mun Harun al-Rashid Marajil (Persian slave) 50% Persian, 43.75% Arab, 6.25% Berber 50%
833 – 842 Al-Mu’tasim Harun al-Rashid Marida (Turkic slave) 50% Turkic, 25% Persian,  21.875% Arab, 3.125 Berber 25%
842 – 847 Al-Wathiq Al-Mu’tasim Qaratis (Byzantine Greek slave) 50% Greek, 12.5% Persian, 10.9375% Arab, 1.5625% Berber 62.5%
847 – 861 Al-Mutawakkil Al-Mu’tasim Shuja (Persian slave) 56.25% Persian, 25% Greek, 5.46875% Arab, 0.78125% Berber 81.25%
870 – 892 Al-Mu’tamid Al-Mutawakkil Fityan (Persian slave) 78.125% Persian, 12.5 Greek, 2.734375% Arab, 0.390625% Berber 90.625%
892 – 902 Al-Mu’tadid al-Muwaffaq, son of Al-Mutawakkil and Umm Ishaq, a Greek slave. Race: 56.25% Greek, 39.0625% Persian, 1.3671875% Arab, 0.1953125% Berber) Dirar (Greek slave) 78.125 Greek, 19.53125% Persian, 0.68359375% Arab, 0.09765625% Berber 97.655%
902-908 Al-Muktafi Al-Mu’tadid Jijak (Greek slave) 89% Greek, 9.7% Persian, 0.34% Arab, 0.04% Berber 98%
908 – 929 Al-Muqtadir Al-Mu’tadid Shaghab (Greek slave) 94.5% Greek, 4.88% Persian, 0.17% Arab, 0.02% Berber 98%
946 – 974 Al-Muti Al-Muqtadir Slavic slave 50% Slavic, 47.26% Greek, 2.44% Persian, 0.08% Arab, 0.01% Berber 98%
974 – 991 Al-Ta’i Al-Muti’ Unknown 50% Unknown, 25% Slavic, 23.6% Greek, 1.22% Persian 49.82%
991 – 1031 Al-Qadir Al-Muttaqi, son of al-Muqtadir. Race: 50% Unknown, 47.2% Greek, 2.44% Persian, 0.08% Arab Slave of uknown origin 75% Unknown, 23.6% Greek, 1.2% Persian (Al-Qadir is described as being “white” in history books, therefore it is likely that his mother was Greek or Persian) 24.8%
1031 – 1075 Al-Qa’im Al-Qadir Badr al-Daji (Armenian slave) 50% Armenian, 37.5% Unknown, 11.8% Greek, 0.6% Persian 62.4%
1075 – 1094 Al-Muqtadi Al-Qa’im Urjuman (Armenian slave) 75% Armenian, 18.75% Unknown, 5.9% Greek 80.9%
1094 – 1118 Al-Mustazhir Al-Muqtadi Altun Khatun (Turkic woman, prob. Seljuk princess) 50% Turkic, 37.5 Armenian, 9% Unknown, 2.95% Greek 40.45%
1118 – 1135 Al-Mustarshid Al-Mustazhir Kumush Khatun (Turkic woman, probably Seljuk princess) 75% Turkic, 18.75% Armenian, 4.8% Unknown, 1.47% Greek 20.22%
1136 – 1159 Al-Muqtafi Al-Mustazhir Fatima Khatun (Turkic woman, probably Seljuk princess) 87.5% Turkic, 9.375% Armenian, 2.34% Unknown, 0.73% Greek 10.1%
1160 – 1170 Al-Mustanjid Al-Muqtafi Tawus (“Thawus”) al-Karaji, slave (Most likely Persian, al-Karaji refers to the city of Karaj in Iran in Medieval last names) 50.019% Persian, 43.75% Turkic, 4.68% Armenian, 1.1% Unknown, 0.3% Greek 55%
1170 – 1180 Al-Mustadi Al-Mustanjid Ghaddah (Armenian slave) 52.3% Armenian, 25% Persian, 21.8% Turkic 77.3%
1180 – 1225 Al-Nasir Al-Mustadi Zumurrud (Turkic slave) 60.9% Turkic, 26.1% Armenian, 12.5% Persian 38.6%
1226 – 1242 Al-Mustansir Az-Zahir, son of al-Nasir and unknown mother. Race: 50.14% Unknown, 30.4% Turkic, 13.08% Armenian, 6.25% Persian) Turk Khatun (Turkic slave) 65.2% Turkic, 25% Unknown, 6.5% Armenian, 3.1% Persian 9.6%
1242 – 1258 Al-Mustansir Al-Mustansir Concubine of unknown origin 62.5% Unknown, 32.6% Turkic, 3.2% Armenian, 1.5% Persian 4.7%

Sources: Wikipedia, The Slave Girls of Baghdad by F. Matthew Caswell, Islam in History by Bernard Lewis, Islamic Culture, Volume 2 (1928), various Arabic-language sources.

The table omits emperors who ruled for very short periods of time and/or who did not contribute to the genes of succeeding emperors.

* The values in this column are capped to 98%: Due to the fact that the Y-chromosome can only be inherited from one’s male relatives, and due to the fact that it makes up 2% of the genome, the Y-chromosome of the emperors would have been necessarily Arab, and therefore their percentage “Arab-ness” couldn’t have fallen below 2%, so that the most Indo-European that an Abbasid emperor could be would have been 98% realistically.

On the Christianness of the non-Christian origins of Christmas

It feels good to be clever and edgy, so everywhere people can be found who pleasure themselves by pointing out that Christmas is not really “Christian” or that the celebration of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday was not done by early Muslims so it is not really “Islamic” and so on and so forth.

The fact that Christmas shares much of its symbology with pre-Christian religions does not in any way take away from it is Christianness. All of these symbols can be thought of as remnants of religions that were originally religions of some of God’s prophets that were changed over time, or as celebrations of natural human desires for growth, rebirth, renewal and light. There is absolutely nothing wrong with merging all of these symbols together and giving it a Christian meaning. What matters is whether Christians find in such symbols meaning and satisfaction.

Prophet Muhammad and his earliest followers had probably never seen a dome in their lives, yet today domes are a central feature of Islamic architecture. Feel free to keep pointing out that domes were originally taken from non-Muslim Persians, the point remains is that today Muslims find domes pretty, familiar and useful parts of their culture, therefore they are Islamic. In the same way, if Christians today find the Christmas tree and related items pretty, familiar and useful parts of their culture, then these are very much Christian. Saying they are not Christian is like saying that the paper the Bible is printed on is “secular”, or that the alphabet they use was taken from pagan Romans, therefore we should make fun of Christians for reading a book printed on secular paper in pagan Roman letters.

If it feels meaningfully Christian to Christians, then it is Christian.

Jordan Peterson causes a tripling of interest in The Gulag Archipelago

It has been just a little over a year that Jordan Peterson gained fame from his opposition to a Canadian compelled-speech law (Bill C-16). One of the topics he keeps coming back to is the evil done in the Soviet Union (to the chagrin of so many neo-Marxist leftists), and he often recommends that people read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago. Google Trends shows that just as Peterson’s fame took off in November 2016, interest in The Gulag Archipelago increased by a factor of around 3.5 and has remained high since.

And in case you thought this may be accidental, Google Trends suggests “Jordan Peterson” as one of the related topics and queries for The Gulag Archipelago, which shows that there is a high correlation between searches for The Gulag Archipelago and searches for Peterson:

This is something to be slightly happy about since reading The Gulag Archipelago should inculcate people with some revulsion for Marxism and its latter day mutations, although the effect is probably still quite small.

The cancer of valorization

I am reading the late Shahab Ahmed’s What is Islam?, and I keep running into the modern abomination that is the word “to valorize” (meaning: “to assign higher value to something”).

The word is an expression, a manifestation, a condensation of everything that is rotten, scummy, hollow and dead boring about today’s humanities departments. It is no surprise that the usage of the word has increased by a factor of ten since 1974, just as the postmodernist infestation took root.

For those not in the know, the word “to valorize” takes the postmodernist (and Voldemortian) principle that “there is only power and those too weak to seek it” for granted, acting as if all human ideas about value are nothing but sociological expressions of a desire to maintain a certain power structure at the expense of others. If you think that Western civilization has value or is superior to any other civilization, it is not because you as an intelligent, rational and worthy human have found this civilization worthy, it is because you are a member of a power structure that benefits from considering Western civilization worthy and enjoys stamping on other civilizations. If you complain that this is unfair, you are wrong, since the first law of postmodernism is that “the postmodernists always know”, similar to how Lord Voldemort likes to say “Lord Voldemort always knows.”

Of course, Ahmed is not necessarily upholding such principles in their entirety. Perhaps by seeing postmodernism upheld everywhere he looked at Harvard, he started to consider its tenets scientific fact, similar to Newton’s Laws of Gravitation.

American anti-Chinese propaganda

As someone who likes to keep track of Chinese news, not a day passes except I see multiple examples of American fear-mongering toward China. Every other day an expert says that the Chinese economy is right on the edge of collapse. And below is just another example of this all-too-American tripe that Americans swallow up by the millions.

“The world” “should” be wary of this fat Chinese man whose portrait for some reason has the color scheme of a wildfire. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Because we want you to.

It makes me wonder how this type of garbage can be considered respectable media by the people. I haven’t clicked a link to the New York Times or most other American media for years after recognizing them for the unprincipled propaganda tools that they are.

I would have liked to say that a person who takes the Economist and the rest of the West’s presstitute media serious deserves to be lied to for feeding this disgusting machine with their wallets and attention. But, sadly, this includes most of the population. Perhaps an IQ of 130 or more is needed to see through these tools, and such people are rare. This leads me to mention something I have had in mind for a while:

The political power of a demographic group increases by an order of magnitude for every standard deviation increase in IQ.

This means that Ashkenazi Jews, with their average IQ of around 115, have an order of magnitude more per capita political power compared to whites, with their average IQ of around 100. America’s Jewish population of around 7 million actually has the political power of around 70 million whites (at least), and the facts on the ground show this. In the same way, Indonesia’s 7-10 million Chinese, whose IQ is also about a standard deviation above that of the native Indonesians, have the potential to have the political power of 70-100 million Indonesians, although discriminatory measures against them have limited their power in the past decades.

The same law can be used to examine genetically homogeneous populations as well. In every country, the ruling class is always the same as the high-IQ class. It doesn’t matter whether the country is a monarchy or a democracy. In a monarchy, the high IQ population ends up becoming the aristocracy. In a democracy, the high IQ population ends up filling the top positions in media, academia and government, in this way creating its own aristocracy-by-any-other-name.

So what is the solution to this? There isn’t. Always, everywhere, the clever will have the power to deceive, hoodwink, mislead and defraud the less clever. A country in which the elite does not have principles is going to be ruled by a government, media and academia that does not have principles.

It is, therefore, the duty of the elite to have principles. If they did, this will affect the nature of their government, media and academia. If tens of thousands of high-status lawyers, architects and media personalities called out the Economist’s garbage journalism, they would be disgraced into reforming. But they do not, because they see nothing wrong, since if they were running the Economist, they would act the same as its present managers and writers.

Wherever you see a country whose government, media and academia is corrupt through and through, it is because the country’s elite is corrupt through and through. Therefore the solution to America’s troubles is for the present elite to either acquire principles, or for it to die out and be replaced by another elite that does have principles, and this is going to happen.

In 1850, America’s elite used to judge things by ideals and principles. Since 1950, they have found ideals and principles laughably unfashionable. This state of things is not going to last forever. Their fertility rates are already below-replacement, and they will be replaced by another elite that has ideals and principles, perhaps the signs of this trend will start showing around 2050.

Some mistakenly think that if the present system was dismantled, it could be replaced with a better one. In reality, what happens when you have a corrupt elite is that regardless of how many governments you replace, the nature of the country always remains the same. You cannot force the elite to stop being utterly corrupt, greedy and unprincipled. Latin America’s various failed revolutions are a good example of this.

Tumblr weightloss logic and all-you-can-eat diets

It is true that there is such a thing as “energy balance”, but the crucial thing that is left out of the equation is the nature of the person’s diet, which determines what their weight will be once they reach energy balance.

The numbers above are imaginary, they are only there to illustrate the way different “all you can eat” diets lead to different weights.

I have tried various diets throughout the years. A strict keto (ketogenic) diet reduces my motivation to work, even though it is great for blood sugar control. Currently I follow somewhat of a Mediterranean/low-carb diet. I avoid bread, rice, potatoes and all other foods that contain significant amounts of simple carbohydrates, since these foods make blood sugar management impossible regardless of how supposedly healthy some of them are. I also avoid eating more than 50 calories of fruit per day, as I always get neuropathy in my toes and fingertips the next day if I do so.

James Watson’s happy ending

After a large alliance of the betrayers of science and Western civilization (who run the West’s media, academia and research foundations) ruined James Watson’s career for mentioning scientifically-verifiable facts, this happened:

James Watson is the co-discoverer of the 3D structure of DNA. I have read his books The Double Helix and Avoid Boring People.

In similar circumstances, the economist Larry Summers mentioned the scientific fact that there are important genetic differences between men and women, which lead to mass feminist hysteria. Summers quickly backtracked and gave $600 million of Harvard money to the feminist priesthood as his sin offering, having learned the valuable lesson that it does not pay to give priority to scientific truths when there are the far more important concerns of keeping his well-paying careers and high positions. Why be a martyr in the name of science when you can be rich and powerful instead? Steve Sailer has a good article on this particular farce:

MIT biologist Nancy Hopkins won much sympathy from the press for fleeing Summers’ talk like a blushing Victorian maiden hearing some uncouth personage use the word “legs” instead of “limbs.” In leaking Summers’ off-the-record talk to the Boston Globe, Hopkins claimed that she had to leave or, “I would’ve either blacked out or thrown up.”

In reality, Hopkins is a veteran at playing the gender card. Wendy McElroy reported in 2001 on Hopkins’ lucrative conflicts-of-interest:

“The [MIT] Committee was established to investigate complaints of sex discrimination that were leveled by Hopkins herself. Yet she became the Chair, heading an investigation into her own complaints. As a result of her findings, Hopkins received — among other benefits — a 20 percent raise in salary, an endowed chair and increased research funds. Indeed, most of the Committee consisted of women who benefited substantially from the ‘guilty’ verdict. The only evidence of sex discrimination produced was the fact that there are more men than women in the faculty of the School for Science.”

The side of the patriarchy that is heretical for a feminist to examine

Like all neo-Marxist victimhood ideologies, it is a crucial part of feminism to have zero empathy for its designated enemy. The designated enemy is always dehumanized; so Nazi soldiers were not humans (post-WWII Jewish identity), capitalists are not humans (Marxist identity), men are not humans (feminist identity), straight white males are not humans (SJW identity). Therefore it is incredibly annoying when a feminist is forced to have some empathy for males in order to answer an intellectual question. For her it almost feels like rape, and like Anita Sarkeesian would agree, anyone who does such a naughty thing should be cut off from the internet and placed under house arrest for life.

Jordan Peterson: Token Rationalist White Male

From Wikipedia:

Peterson believes that postmodern philosophers and sociologists, while typically claiming to reject Marxism, have merely built upon and extended its core tenets, arguing that they “started to play a sleight of hand, and instead of pitting the proletariat, the working class, against the bourgeois, they started to pit the oppressed against the oppressor. That opened up the avenue to identifying any number of groups as oppressed and oppressor and to continue the same narrative under a different name … The people who hold this doctrine — this radical, postmodern, communitarian doctrine that makes racial identity or sexual identity or gender identity or some kind of group identity paramount — they’ve got control over most low-to-mid level bureaucratic structures, and many governments as well.


Peterson argues that postmodern feminists err by seeking to infantilise society. He stated, “There is an essential feminine pathology, just as there is an essential masculine pathology. And the essential feminine pathology Freud mapped out, it’s the Oedipal mother. And the Oedipal mother is the mother who gets too close to her children, and intermingles herself with them to too great a degree. That in her attempts to protect them undermines them, fatally.”

He continues: “It’s so comical watching the feminist postmodernists in particular rattle on about the absence of gender reality and act out the archetypal devouring mother at exactly the same time. For them the world is divided into predators and infants. And the predators are evil and need to be stopped and the infants need to be cared for. Well, that’s what the mother does, but adults are not infants, and all you do is destroy them when you treat them that way.”


I will never use words I hate, like the trendy and artificially constructed words “zhe” and “zher.” These words are at the vanguard of a post-modern, radical leftist ideology that I detest, and which is, in my professional opinion, frighteningly similar to the Marxist doctrines that killed at least 100 million people in the 20th century.

I have been studying authoritarianism on the right and the left for 35 years. I wrote a book, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief, on the topic, which explores how ideologies hijack language and belief. As a result of my studies, I have come to believe that Marxism is a murderous ideology. I believe its practitioners in modern universities should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to promote such vicious, untenable and anti-human ideas, and for indoctrinating their students with these beliefs. I am therefore not going to mouth Marxist words. That would make me a puppet of the radical left, and that is not going to happen. Period.

This is amazing, feels like David Stove has come back to life. Most high-status white men are either infantile or cowardly (especially those of them in academia), it is a breath of fresh air to see Peterson stand up for rationalism.

Why do so many major companies get hacked? Because their executives are too ignorant to understand the new security landscape

Before computer networking, a large corporation’s data security concerns were rather straightforward. Don’t let strangers go where they shouldn’t be. Close the most important things in safes. If security is really important, have guards watch over every entrance and exit and do not let anyone leave without being searched.

Now that data is held inside computers that are on networks, that are sometimes connected to the internet or easy to connect to the internet, the security landscape is completely different. It is as if they had their most important data in occasionally-malfunctioning safes placed in the middle of Times Square. And not only that, but some of their safes are placed in dark alleys around New York City where criminals can get working on them without any surveillance or fear of detection.

In such an environment, only an extremely foolish executive would not be very, very worried about data security, or perhaps someone with a degree in music security.

So what should be done? Make the data security department an integral part of your company. You must worry very much about having the right data security department head, and the right people working under them, and the right type of oversight (by a very tech-aware executive, such as someone with a master’s degree or better in computer science or security) that ensures these people are doing their jobs instead watching pretty graphs and browsing reddit all day.

If so far your company has acted like most companies, completely ignorant of new security concerns, you probably need to increase your security staff by a factor of somewhere between two and ten.

If your data gets compromised, you have only yourself to blame.

You can also go with the Russian solution, which is to throw all computers away and work exclusively with paper, since most of your executives aren’t smart enough to understand the importance of documents and data they cannot hold in their hands.

The US Army’s Cultural Support Team

These ladies are tasked with reaching the female population of America’s “host” nations (what a great way to admit the American Empire’s parasitical nature!). I would imagine some conversations would go like this:

Old Middle Eastern Lady: So…my only son, his wife and all of his children died in your airst-

American Military Lady: We didn’t actually mean that, you know.

Old Middle Eastern Lady: And you destroyed my only source of income, that patch of land which is now one charred bomb crater-

American Military Lady: Come on, we only destroyed it a bit. See how nice of a person I am. And here are some USAID cookies for your very own personal use.

Americans and Trump vs. the NFL

Oh yes you will. Most Americans are too morally lazy to give up their entertainment just because it is anti-American. They would rather enjoy their credit cards than avoid paying $200 billion a year to the ruling banker class. They would rather enjoy their degrees than refuse to enrich the unholy alliance of universities, $200-a-textbook publishers, and the rent-seeking banker class that only stands to gain the more debt students are made to carry (since more debt for them always equals more interest payments, therefore they always also seek to involve the country in more wars, because require government bonds, and bonds mean billions of dollars of annual interest earnings for bankers). They would rather enjoy their music than avoid subsidizing the four companies that control most of America’s music industry and the utter scum who work for these companies, who continue fund the production of music that encourages young men to be gangsters, criminals and pimps. Americans would rather enjoy their cushy jobs instead of taking a career hit to avoid working for the parasitical financial sector, for the defense and security apparatus, for the utterly corrupt media and journalism sector.

Americans needs the president to tell them something before they start thinking about, then make a big commotion about it, and perhaps change happens or does not in a tiny part of life, like idiots who on the sinking Titanic argue about the decoration, will go back to their lazy and cowardly lives, letting the banker scum continue ruling this country.

Home Office: Are you a woman? Your man is the problem. Are you a man? You are the problem.

Let’s demonize men. Let’s act as if women are infinitely superior to men. Let’s act as if men are utterly worthless and in relationships always guilty until proven innocent. Then let’s act surprised when men do not want to get married, when they have an extremely cynical attitude toward women and relationships, when they feel worthless and unwanted, when they go to Ukraine to find unbrainwashed women to marry, when men men feel zero allegiance toward their societies and civilizations and think it could all go to hell for all they care, when they feel so hated by women that they start to feel only another man’s love is true, when they feel the only way to make it in life is to have a sex change so that they can escape belonging to the West’s most hated species.

Why Europe’s new feudal lords hate digital piracy even if it doesn’t harm their profits

So the EU finds out that there is no conclusive evidence that piracy is harmful, but wants to bury the results. Since the EU is ruled by an aristocracy of bankers and their friends, its actions naturally reflect the will of the bankers and their friends, the super-rich, or as I call them, the usurer class.

You’d think they would be relieved that piracy isn’t hurting their billions. What’s at issue here is probably the fact that they cannot stand the thought of people enjoying their works without paying them rent. Even if it doesn’t harm their profits, even if these people wouldn’t buy their stuff if they weren’t available for free, to them it is still a crime against rent-seeking that someone should enjoy entertainment and knowledge without going through the systems they gate-keep (Elsevier and others).

It’s probably about power and control. They want control over the intellectual property their corporate entities produce, it is an insult against their sense of rent-seeking justice that someone should enjoy their works without paying them. It is not about profit, it is about how things should be.

You do not sit in the shade of my mansion, even if it doesn’t do me any harm, because I do not like the idea of anyone enjoying anything I have without paying me rent for it.

There is also the issue of the slippery slope. They probably feel that if they were too lax on piracy, services would develop that would make piracy too commonplace, rather than something limited mostly to warez dudes. So perhaps they wanted to bury this study in case it caused an erosion in their pretexts to have the gestapo hound pirates.

By the way, if, for science only, you were interested in knowing how pirates anonymously download movies, games and massive ebook collections from the internet, you may find this 2014 essay of mine interesting: How cyber pirates anonymously torrent movies on the internet

The iPhone X vs the Samsung Galaxy S6

I don’t like Apple, but what Android enthusiasts continuously fail to realize, or fail to admit, is that the iPhone is about the experience, not the features. The features are important, of course, Apple always needs fluff to fill up its two-hour-long announcement events, and it needs its customers to feel that they are getting new and shiny stuff.

But the fact that phones exist with certain better features is largely irrelevant. What matters is the superiority of the total phone experience. You may think your grandma is foolish to prefer an iPhone instead of the far superior available Android devices, but she is actually cleverer than you when it comes to what is good for her.

Phones are like doctors. Your grandma does not want to go to a genius of a doctor who makes her feel uncomfortable, weirds her out and is not widely known or admired. She wants to go to a doctor who is famous for being the best all-round doctor, so that if she tells others that he is her doctor, others think better of her for that, knowing that it is rich and classy people who prefer or can afford that doctor.

So while the iPhone is inferior in various ways, the fact remains that to the larger society, having an iPhone confers a certain status, and the most expensive iPhone confers the most status. You can say that society is stupid for doing this, that the best Android phone should confer the best status. But you are wrong. When it comes to status, what matters is doing what works. If Apple spends billions marketing iPhones as the coolest thing to have, and people believe this, so that someone who buys an iPhone is considered cool, then everything is working as expected.

This is how it works when it comes to ordinary people. As for geeks and nerds, we want more, and we do not like to be told what to think and what to do, therefore just the fact that iPhones are cool and something of a bandwagon is sufficient for us to want to avoid having anything to do with them.

It is the same when it comes to politics. Nerds and geeks want to vote for the politician who has the right track record, shows competence and has the right plans. The average person votes for the politician who makes them “feel” the right way, so that they put the country in the charge of some pretty boy who knows a lot about asbestos litigation, or some lecher who feels no shame in giving lustful descriptions of his daughter’s body. This is infuriating, but this is reality, so get used to it.

Book review: To Explain the World by Steven Weinberg

Surprisingly, this was actually a good book. The author showed slightly more open-mindedness than I expected, with him a secular writer often treating religious individuals like Newton.

Like most good Jewish intellectuals talking about Arabs/Islam, Steven couldn’t help himself mentioning Sayyid Qutb and proving himself a complete ignoramus about this complex character (literary critic, social activist, revolutionary), adopting Zionist opinions about him right from the can. His treatment of Qutb is as unfair as my treating Steven as if he had the intellectual sophistication of your average Tel Aviv falafel vendor.

To Explain the World makes for some entertaining light reading. It is not a powerful philosophical treatise meant to prove a particular point. It is a fun survey of the history of science and treats topics that any science lover would enjoy rereading about, though don’t expect to learn anything new.

I enjoyed his refusal to take post-modernist social scientific theories seriously. This deserves some respect in a mainstream scientist, though a better scientist of Steven’s status and fame could have used this book to launch a powerful and history-making attack on the field of science revisionism. But I do not blame an old man for not wanting to get involved in academic bickering.

Solve the invisible spaces problem in Word 2013

An annoying issue in Word 2013 is that sometimes the space key seems to stop working, until you press a non-space character, at which point Word deigns to show you both the space and non-space characters.

To solve the problem, press enter to create a new line, then go back to your line. The problem is caused by a bug in Word where having a page break or section break right after the line you are on prevents spaces from showing. Make sure there is a line (empty or not) below the line you are typing on, and the problem disappears.

How to export the entire sequence by default in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

  1. Move the yellow playback marker far to the right, until it goes into the blank area and the preview window becomes black. If you are doing batch work, move the marker farther than any of your clips are going to be. For example, if you are exporting 1 minute videos, move the marker to the 2 minute mark.
  2. On the bar below the playback marker’s bar, find the right end of the selection bar and move it to the far left, so that there are 0 seconds selected. The left end of the selection marker should also be to the far left, obviously.
  3. That’s all. Now when exporting, Premiere will automatically select the entire sequence for export.

Why there are so few Christian terrorists

Color me curious. Raised Protestant, joined American Navy and saw the world, the Dome of the Rock is a supremely beautiful building. Such beauty, why NO COMPASSION! by radicals? I don’t understand the mindset. .. Beauty and hate

The issue is not religion, but politics. Radical Muslims are no different from radical communists. They believe their countries are being controlled and oppressed by evil capitalist tyrants, and that superpowers like the US are supporting the most evil governments on earth (such as in Saudi and Egypt), and that the US is against freedom and democracy if tyrants fit its needs better, all of which are true. For example, the US orchestrated a coup that ended democracy in Iran in the 50′s.

Religion just happens to be a useful tool for these groups, as it gives their followers the courage to die for their cause.

You should also not forget that many terrorist groups are funded by intelligence agencies, both Western and otherwise. If you are an intelligence agency looking to create havoc anywhere in the world, Islamism provides a great tool for this, since Islamist soldiers are brave and do not require the payments needed for hiring non-religious mercenaries.

Many in the Middle East consider ISIS a US-Israeli creation made to perpetuate war in the Middle East and prevent any Muslim country in the area from getting too strong or stable. For all we know, this might be true.

Radical Muslims could just as easily have been Radical Christians. It just so happens that the political situation in the world today has made Muslims the underdogs controlled and stepped on by mostly Christian superpowers. Christians too have a long history of justifying mass violence and murder for their own ends, but since Christians acquired supremacy over the earth after the Middle Ages, and as Christian belief weakened, Christianity stopped being an effective tool for carrying out political goals. A hot-headed Muslim is easy to convince that he is being oppressed, while it is a lot more difficult to convince a Christian, since he knows Christians rule most of the world.

Terrorism is not common among Muslims. A few in 100,000 might condone violence. But everyone ignores the remaining 99999. Why aren’t they terrorists also? Because terrorism is based on political ideas that most Muslims do not support.

Christianity can just as easily be used to create terrorism. But since modern Islamic terrorism was created by Christians (such as in Afghanistan in the 80′s) to accomplish the goals of Christian countries like those of the US in the Middle East, it is Muslims who die for it and Muslims who are mostly killed by it.

Muslim countries do not have the intelligence capacities to organize and support Christian terrorist groups in Christian countries to weaken such countries and create markets for their defense and intelligence industries. It is extremely easy to use Christianity to create terror groups, it just so happens that there is not enough money and power to be gained by the world’s superpowers through Christian terrorism, therefore they are instead spending their billions organizing and supporting Muslim terrorist groups.

And if Islamic belief weakens in the Middle East and stops being an effective terrorist-recruitment tool, the superpowers will simply switch to another ideology, such as communism or a modern incarnation of it. They would then create and organize communist terror groups to perpetuate war inside the countries they want, and Fox News will start talking about the dangerous communists next door who hate you because of your freedom.

AWS Storage Historical Pricing and Future Projections

Some blogs are calling the recent price wars between cloud providers “a race to zero”. But this is the wrong way to think about it. As technology progresses, we simply need to start thinking in terms of larger units.

Here is a table of historical Amazon S3 prices:

Date $/GB/Month $/TB/Month
14-Mar-06 0.15 150
1-Nov-08 0.15 150
1-Nov-10 0.14 140
1-Feb-12 0.125 125
1-Dec-12 0.095 95
1-Feb-14 0.085 85
1-Apr-14 0.03 30

In terms of gigabytes the prices seem to be approaching zero. But in terms of terabytes, the prices are just barely starting to become reasonable. The linear projection below suggests that we will be using terabytes as our unit of choice when speaking of cloud storage until 2020 and later, when prices will start going below $1 per terabyte per month.

Some time after 2020, perhaps around 2025, we will start speaking in terms of petabytes per month.

Fire Phone folder where screenshots are stored

Using my Windows 7 computer to browse the Fire Phone’s files, I found the screenshots in the following folder:

Computer\Fire\Internal storage\Pictures\Screenshots

To take screenshots, you need to hold down the volume down and power buttons together. You will hear a sound and see an animation informing you that the screenshot was successfully taken.

Horoscopes and Islam

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A Muslim should believe or read horoscopes or not? Because I saw a post that says the person who believes in horoscopes is a disbeliever.

Horoscopes go under the category of superstition, since there is no basis in science or religion for them. Therefore a well educated and intelligent Muslim should take them for what they are: Fancy-sounding nonsense that impress the gullible.

However, we should not be judgmental toward those who believe in horoscopes. Even though this is an obvious flaw in their faith, we ourselves may have greater flaws that are not so apparent. Those who take pleasure in attacking the obvious flaws of others almost certainly have similar or greater flaws themselves.

We shouldn’t be quick to say who is a believer and who is a disbeliever. We can say a person who is not thankful toward God is a disbeliever; but we all show unthankfulness toward God every now and then; therefore are we to say that we are all disbelievers? We should not pass final judgment on people, that is God’s job, not ours. A person who has a part of disbelief in him or her may also have many parts of belief and goodness that outweigh the disbelief.

List of 20,000 right-angled triangles with whole-number sides

Some mathematical investigations can benefit from having a handy list of right-angled triangles with whole number sides. We know of the common [a = 3,b = 4, c = 5] triangle often used to illustrate the Pythagorean theorem (5^2 = sqrt(3^2 + 4^2)), but sometimes we need more of these. For this reason I made the following lists, placed inside handy text files. They start from the smallest possible triangle (the [3,4,5] one) and iterate up.

List of 20,000 right-angled triangles with whole-number sides sorted by the smallest side (i.e. side a).

List of 20,000 right-angled triangles with whole-number sides sorted by the largest side (i.e. the hypotenuse or side c).

Should I be a Muslim? Some answers for doubtful people

Below is a question I received on tumblr, I decided to answer it in the article below.

Can you tell me how you know islam is true? I’m considering converting. But I don’t know if I should

To begin, there are two main ideas about how the universe works. The atheist idea is that the universe is a closed system, like a closed cardboard box. Inside it everything happens and nothing that happens inside is caused by anything outside of it. This theory has very important consequences. For example it nullifies the ideas of free will, responsibility, and the existence of a soul. If everything inside the box is caused by particle interactions inside the box, then everything that a human does, or everything that a human thinks, is simply caused by particle interactions, atoms and photons colliding and interacting with each other. When you decide to be kind to someone, it is not because of a choice you made, but because the universe at that moment (your memories, your way of thinking, the environment you are in) lead you to do that act.

The second theory is that the universe is an open system, that the human soul resides outside of it, which means that even though a person is affected by their environment, the part of them that lies outside the universe can act independently for itself, meaning that the person has free will. If we assume this second theory is true, then we immediately need an explanation for why the universe is this way, how it is arranged and for what purpose.

The two theories (whether the universe is closed or open) are rival theories. Atheists believe in the first one, religious people believe in the second one. But the truth is that there is no scientific way (so far) to prove whether the universe is open or closed, therefore almost all arguments between atheists and religious people are futile, since neither side has a conclusive proof. It is also probable that there will never be a conclusive proof (until the world ends).

Assuming that it is impossible to scientifically prove whether the universe is closed or open, we look to other sources of knowledge regarding this matter, and the only source of knowledge available to us regarding the nature of the universe is scripture, which explains the nature of the universe, how it was made and for what purpose.

Atheists have no evidence that the universe is closed, but the religious have evidence (scripture) that the universe is open. Therefore the matter stands on whether we take this evidence seriously or reject it. Atheists reject scripture, even though they have no conclusive scientific proof that their rejection of scripture is justified. And the religious accept scripture, even though they have no conclusive scientific proof that their acceptance of scripture is justified.

Science and reasoning cannot help us to decide the matter (since everything depends on whether the universe is open or closed, which cannot be proven by science/reasoning). Therefore, when it concerns the individual, the matter fully depends on the act of acceptance or rejection of scripture.

I have made the conscious decision of accepting scripture, as it explains the reason for the existence of the world, and things like why good people suffer and bad people enjoy life (scripture says this life is a test and the true life is after death, therefore a person’s suffering in this world does not prove anything about God’s kindness or cruelty. A person can suffer for many years, but if they are rewarded with an infinitely long and pleasurable afterlife, we can say that God is very kind).

As for telling whether Islam is the best religion, it is for yourself to decide. I have read the Quran and parts of the Bible and I have read books on Christianity and Judaism. When you look at the most pious Muslims and Christians, you will see that they are extremely similar in their way of thought and behavior. For example the Lord of the Rings, which was written by a Christian writer and is full of Christian ideas of good and evil, could have been written by a Muslim.

Christianity is encumbered by the idea of the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus. Islam simplifies the matter by saying that Jesus was a human being like any other, he belonged to a long line of prophets sent by God to inform and educate people. Therefore according to Islam Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad all were sent by the same God to give people the same message (that there is one God and that there is a day of Judgment). Each message was specifically written for its recipients, thus according to Islam Jesus was a Jewish prophet sent to the Jews to correct their religion and remove the various corruptions that the rabbis had added to the Torah (such as legalizing usury).

Christianity too was eventually corrupted, and when the time was right God sent his final message, the Quran, which is the simplest and the most global. The Old and New Testaments are mostly concerned with the Jews, which makes sense since they were meant for the Jews.

The books of the Testaments were written and re-written by humans, thus for example we have various gospels covering the same topics, each written by a different person. This made it easy to introduce errors and corruptions into the text, accidentally or otherwise.

The Quran, however, is very different. It is meant to be the direct word of God communicated to the prophet, and the way it is written, and the language in which it is written, make it very hard to change or corrupt it. It is easy to memorize (since it is musical or poetry-like), and during the prophet’s lifetime many people memorized the entire text, and since then it has been passed down orally until the present day. After the prophet’s death the written Quran was collected and many ancient collections exist and can be read to verify the correctness of the oral tradition.

If we assume there is a God and that he acts logically and sensibly, then the Quran is a very good successor to the Bible, written in a manner that makes it nearly impossible to change. God did not make the other scriptures like this perhaps as a test, to see what humans did with God’s words, and perhaps also because God was constantly sending new prophets to correct and guide people. However, during the 7th century, it appears that God decided that the world had reached a sufficient level of development to only need one final prophet and one final text.

The Quran contains some tantalizing scientific statements that add strengths to its authenticity. For example it makes a reference to the Big Bang (“Do not those who deny the truth see that the heavens and the earth were joined together and that We then split them asunder?” 21:30), and to the stages of the growth of the human embryo (which were not known at that time). However, the Quran is not meant to fully stand on its scientific statements, otherwise God could have provided more. If the Quran contained so much science to make it impossible not to believe in it, then that would be like God showing himself to humanity. In such a situation there would be no more point in having faith; it would be like forcing faith upon humanity, which God does not want to do.

Thus the Quran provides a great amount of evidence for its truth and authenticity, but there is always a little room for doubt. We can never be perfectly sure that scripture is true, we always have to take some of it on faith. Only after death we can find out whether the scripture we believed in is true or false.

I prefer to believe in the Quran rather than the Bible since the Quran is clearly superior. The Old Testament contains many ridiculous things, such as Jacob wrestling with God, which seems to be taken right out of pagan mythology, and the idea of the Christian Trinity is too cumbersome and unnecessary. There is no good reason for God having a son, and this too seems too similar to pagan mythology.

The Quran provides elegant and logical solutions to the problems of the Bible. There is one God, who sent various prophets to guide various sections of humanity, ending with Muhammad as the last prophet and the first global one, meant to teach all of humanity. God does not show himself to us, and he has made it impossible to prove his existence, so that humans can have the choices of believing and disbelieving in him. The reason why God saw it necessary to create humans and this universe is not very clear to us, but if he is a God then he can do what he pleases, and he doesn’t have to explain himself to us. Therefore even though we do not know the perfect explanations for God’s actions, if we believe that the Quran is true, then the only logical thing to do is to follow it to gain a good afterlife. God says in the Quran that his plan for mankind is that they should spread on earth while acting according to God’s commands, and this is basically every Muslim’s program in life: to build a good family and make the world a better place through doing good and avoiding evil (which is very similar to the program also followed by many faithful Christians and Jews).

Mashing two regular expressions together in JavaScript on the fly

var pattern1 = /Aug/;
var pattern2 = /ust/;
var fullpattern = (new RegExp( (pattern1+'').replace(/^\/(.*)\/$/,'$1') + (pattern2+'').replace(/^\/(.*)\/$/,'$1') ));


  • pattern1+'' turns (“casts”) the regular expression object into a string.
  • .replace(/^\/(.*)\/$/,'$1') removes the beginning and ending slashes from the pattern
  • new RegExp() turns the resultant string into a regular expression object. There is no need to add back a regular expression delimiter (i.e. slashes usually) since the RegExp() function (“constructor”) adds the delimiter if it is lacking.
  • If you want the resultant expression to have a flag, for example i, you add it so: new RegExp(string,'i');
  • This code is quite unreadable and you might be doing yourself and others a kindness if you use a less clever method. To make it more readable, the technique can be wrapped in a function:
var rmash = function(reg1,reg2) {
var fullpattern = (new RegExp( (reg1+'').replace(/^\/(.*)\/$/,'$1') + (reg2+'').replace(/^\/(.*)\/$/,'$1') ));
return fullpattern;

var my_new_pattern = rmash(pattern1,pattern2);

Generalizing the mash function to handle an arbitrary number of regular expressions and flags is left as an exercise.

How to do long-running computations in JavaScript while avoiding the “maximum call stack size exceeded” error

The following program calculates the value of the series of the Basel Problem. The result is a number that starts with 1.644934. Like π, this sequence can go on forever, which means the program never exits. Without proper design, such a program runs into the maximum call stack size exceeded error, which is designed to prevent a program from using too much memory.

var cr = 1;
var total = 0;
var x = function() {

    total = total + (1/(cr*cr));

    if(! (cr % 20000)) {
    else {

x(); //initial call to x().

The solution is to add a setTimeout call somewhere in the program before things get too close to exceeding the call stack. In the above program, cr is a counter variable that starts with 1 and increases by 1 for every iteration of the x function. Using the conditional if(! (cr % 20000)) allows the program to catch its breath every 20,000 iterations and empties the call stack. It checks whether cr is divisible by 20,000 without a remainder. If it is not, we do nothing and let the program run its course. But if is divisible without a remainer, it means we have reached the end of a 20,000 iteration run. When this happens, we output the value of the total and the cr variables to two textboxes, t1 and t2.

Next, instead of calling x() the normal way, we call it via setTimeout(x,0);. As you know, setTimeout is genearlly used to run a function after a certain amount of time has passed, which is why usually the second argument is non-zero. But in this case, we do not need any wait time. The fact that we are calling x() via setTimeout is what matters, as this breaks the flow of the program, allowing proper screen output of the variables and the infinite continuation of the program.

The program is extremely fast, doing 1 million iterations about every 2.4 seconds on my computer. The result (the value of total) is not perfectly accurate due to the limitations of JavaScript numbers. More accuracy can be had using an extended numbers library.

You may wonder why we cannot put all calls to x() inside a setTimeout(). The reason is that doing so prevents the JavaScript interpreter from optimizing the program, causing it to run extremely slowly (about 1000 iterations per second on my computer). Using the method above, we run the program in optimized blocks of 20,000 iterations (the first block is actually 19,999 iterations since cr starts from 1, but for simplicity I have said 20,000 throughout the article).

Using an object anonymously in JavaScript

var month = 'Jan'; //or another three-letter abbreviation

//After the following operation, proper_month will contain the string "January".
var proper_month = {'Jan':'January',
                              'Feb': 'February',
                              'Mar' : 'March',
                              'Apr' : 'April',
                              'May'   : 'May',
                              'Jun'  : 'June',
                              'Jul'  : 'July',
                              'Aug'   : 'August',
                              'Sep'  : 'September',
                              'Oct'   : 'October',
                              'Nov'   : 'November',
                              'Dec'   : 'December'

My comments on media outlets refusing to publish the Prophet Muhammad cartoons

As a Muslim myself, I see the refusal of NYT and other sources to show the cartoon not as a kindly act of sensitivity, but as a typically pretentious and sly method of portraying Islam as dangerous and threatening. It’s Fox News all over again, except they do it in a subtle way, and has the following advantages (for them):

  • Pretending that Muslims are a lot more powerful than they actually are. NYT has no qualms or fears about being a zealous supporter of Israel’s crimes, often serving as Israel’s mouthpiece in the US. But publishing a few cartoons puts it in a more dangerous position?
  • Pretending that all Muslims share the same intolerance toward anti-Islamic speech and that all Muslim communities contain at least a few terrorists ready to become violent on demand. To a Muslim like myself, anti-Islamic speech is part and parcel of daily life and I honestly couldn’t care less about the cartoons.
  • Causing moral indignation in those who respect these corrupt newspapers, giving them a reason to fear and dislike Muslims (“Now the Muslims can decide what I can and cannot view in my local newspaper?”).
  • Creating an artificial controversy where some media outlets get to be the brave supporters of free speech by publishing the cartoons, or good and honest people too scared of Islam to publish them. Either way, Muslims lose.

Meanwhile, the media ignore the glaring fact that Charlie Hebdo fired one of its cartoonists for making a jibe at a person’s Jewish background. Since when did this anti-free speech organization become the moral capital of free speech?

Societal infinite loops: The anti-demographic nature of feminism/post-modernism

Feminism, post-modernism and cultural Marxism (here on referred to as “feminism”) depress birth rates in every society they take hold. The systemic effects of F/PM are hard to appreciate for most, therefore below I will lay them out.

Lack of direction, or self-referentiality

A nation that believes in God has direction. It believes it is going somewhere. It does not limit itself to thinking and worrying only about itself and its woes. It always looks forward to something better. And thus we had the United States of the 50’s, a religious nation in love with science on an unstoppable march to conquer the stars.

But then, in 1965 feminism spread. And thus the forward-directional arrow that society had turned into an arrow that pointed to itself, representing an infinite-loop of self-attention and self-worry. A nation of adults bent on creating a better, richer world turned into a nation of directionless children bent on their own personal satisfaction and happiness.

Thus mental illness, depression, out-of-wedlock births and crime went up, while birth rates, happiness and the nation’s pride decreased. The future no longer held promise, but death.

The fading of the family

Feminism diminishes the importance of families. Sexual pleasure can be had outside of one, therefore short-term relationships spread while long-term relationships dedicated to creating families become an exception. Men and women dedicate themselves to their own satisfaction, instead of dedicating their energy to creating the newer generation.

Destruction of wealth and income inequality

The self-refrentiality of feminist society and the fading of the family cause the destruction of wealth. People are more focused on their own pleasure and care less about family-building, thus saving for the future becomes less important. Most wealth is readily consumed on pleasures and is transferred to the rich elite, thus the middle class of the religious period fades, incapable of holding onto wealth. When this happens, family-creation becomes more difficult as buying a home in a good area becomes increasingly difficult. People will have to delay having children in hope of better financial situations that may never materialize.

Women’s work

Feminism spreads the idea that a woman’s success is in how closely she can mimic a man. Maternity is looked down upon, unless it is accompanied by masculine success. A woman is not supposed to marry young and settle for a calm life of rearing children, being called derogatory terms like “soccer mom” by feminists. Instead, she is supposed to gain success and wealth just like a man, and then, after succeeding in doing a man’s job, she then earns the right to maternity.

Needless to say, such a state of affairs reduces birth-rates through women delaying maternity until they achieve some kind of masculine success, which may never happen. Many women toil in their boring jobs year after year, until their fertile period is almost over, then with panic realize that this is not the life they want, and take the difficult leap of settling down with an unattractive male.

Misandry, or the destruction of men

The role of men is diminished and disparaged. Attractive and powerful men get easy access to many attractive females, while less attractive men can only marry older women who have had their share of relationships with attractive men and are now ready to settle. Thus being with less attractive men becomes the sign of failure and desperation for women, and thus they will avoid it for as long as they can, delaying birth and reducing birth rates.

Powerful men readily support feminism because they do not see any direct harm in it to their own selves. The average man, however, has to deal with a court system strongly biased against him, so that his hope and desire in marriage is faded. Women of lesser skill than him are hired, promoted and celebrated over him for the simple reason of having female sexual organs.

Feminism turns man into an object of a woman’s pleasure. A man’s greatest success is portrayed as a woman’s love for him, or the amount of pleasure he is able to give to a woman. A man’s love for another man is laughed at, unless he takes the anti-masculine, anti-patriarchal pledge of homosexuality, in which case he becomes a cute minority to be protected from the big bad world of men.

In this way, men’s productive function to society is greatly diminished. He is meant to either marry a woman who is more interested in her own satisfaction than in her place in society and her long-term work of creating the new generation, or to marry another man in an unproductive union. Some men reject both and live as bachelors, “going their own way”, and again, contributing little demographically to the future of society.

How to: Become wise

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If you want to become wise, read 100 books that interest you. The books you choose to read can be about any topic and they can be of any quality, good or bad. The important thing is that you should find them interesting, because the fact that you find a book interesting means it contains information that is new1 to you (and thus it increases wisdom), because “interesting” simply means “something that provides new information to the brain”.

No book is going to solve all of your problems. Each book may make you a 1% wiser person. Thus if you want to become double as wise as you are now, you would have to read about 70 books. 100 books would be a safer number.

Some of the books you read will contain false information, because almost any book will contain some claims and assumptions that are false. But if you don’t give up and continue reading books one after another, as your knowledge increases, so will your awareness of what is true and what is false. Wisdom is simply a map of reality (accurate information about how things really are), and each book you read (even a simple story) tries to give you a small piece of the map. Some books will give you false pieces that do not describe anything that actually exists on the map. But as you read more books, your knowledge increases about the other pieces that surround the false piece, and thus you start to have an intuitive sense of what the false piece should actually look like, and thus you recognize the false piece for what it is: false. Recognition of the falsehood in itself increases your knowledge, for your brain can abstract the patterns of falsehood, and it can actually build a map of what falsehood itself looks like, and thus it will become increasingly hard for falsehoods to mislead you.

If you start to read a book that at first seems interesting, but eventually lose interest in it and start to find it boring and tiring, you should feel no qualms about abandoning the book and starting another. When this happens, it can be due to one of two things:

  1. The book does not contain anything that’s new to you, and thus your brain recognizes it as a repetition of things that you already know very well, and therefore you brain is asking you to stop wasting your time with the book.
  2. The book contains information that has too many prerequisites, and thus your brain is not equipped to handle the information. You should abandon the book now and return to it after reading many other books.

Spend a year doing this and at the end of it you may laugh at how unwise and biased you used to be a year ago. During your journey you would have picked up some new biases, therefore it is unwise to stop your journey. Continue reading books and these biases will be cleared up. You will never stop picking up biases, but their frequency will decrease as your wisdom increases, for biases have patterns of their own and the wise mind can learn to avoid many of them. This is why you find the wisest people to be those who are least ready to make final judgments on any topic–they are “open-minded”, knowing when they do not have enough information.

In most cases, when it comes to most topics, humans rarely have perfect knowledge, therefore the wisest often refuse to give final answers on anything or to give counsel freely to those who ask for it. They will speak about what they know, and refuse to delve into what they do not know.

Import and play your own audiobooks on the Amazon Fire Phone

[Update: I now recommend using these steps to install the Google Play Store (which does not “root” the device and does not cause any permanent changes), then buying the highly rated Listen Audiobook Player (which has up to 3x playback speed with pitch correction and a slider that shows your place in the book and how much is left–while taking playback speed into account) in the Play Store for $0.99. The entire process takes about 15 minutes.]

Amazon makes it impossible to import audiobooks into the Audible app, probably wanting you to buy all your stuff from them and under their control. I’d actually be more willing to use Audible if it let me import the many audiobooks I already own from other sources. Most Fire Phone audio apps are useless for audiobooks since they do not let you browse the audiobook’s files, instead treating the audiobook as a song album and and making a complete mess out of the order of the tracks. Another issue with music players is playback speed. I usually like to listen to audiobooks at double speed (and usually more if I am able to fully give the book my attention), but most music players I’ve tried on the Fire Phone do not have a playback speed feature.

I was almost losing hope that I would be able to get a proper audiobook experience out of the Fire Phone, until I happened on the Rocket Player App, which has almost all the required features for an audiobook player:

  1. It allows you to browse the files on the phone and keep the proper order of the tracks (while others players mess up the track order). If the track order is still messed up in Rocket Player, use a free and open-source Windows program called Mp3BookHelper (Project Page | Download Link) to rename the tracks (both file names and the Title ID3 tag) sequentially.
  2. It has a playback speed setting (after buying the $4 premium version of the app) with pitch correction. The playback speed can only go up to double speed, which is pretty good but I wish it could go up to four.
  3. It remembers your place in the book, even after closing the app (provided that you do not use the app to listen to other things, which is quite doable since there are many other apps optimized for music listening).

Steps for importing your own audiobooks on the Fire Phone and playing them using Rocket Player

  1. Install the free Rocket Player App, then upgrade it to the $4 premium version.
  2. Move your audiobook into a folder on your phone. You can use the USB cable or, if your laptop supports bluetooth, you can use that too, though USB is much faster.
  3. If you used the USB cable, unplug it, otherwise the audio player may not be able to see the new files.
  4. Tap the “Folders” tab in Rocket Player. Browse to the audiobook folder (but don’t go inside the folder). Tap the folder and hold, until a menu comes up. Press “Add to playlist” and create a new playlist. Now you can go to the “Playlists” tab to find the audiobook and play it.
  5. In the Rocket Player settings, you can find the “Playback speed” setting and change it to what you like.

Pinterest: How to show pin counts, even when zero, even in horizontal mode

It took way too long to find this directive:


The full code for the button is:

<a href="<?php echo $link ?>&media=<?php echo $media ?>&description=<?php echo $description ?>" class="pin-it-button" data-pin-zero="true" count-layout="horizontal"><img src="//" /></a>

Muslims and their stance on terrorism and ISIS

I noticed a difference between how moderate Christians and Muslims discuss extremists. Christians will say that fundamentalists like the members of the Westboro Baptist Church are not “True Christians.” Muslims, from what I’ve seen, say that violent extremists are un-Islamic. I asked an Imam about this, and he said that the terrorists are still Muslims even though they are acting in a violent way. Would you agree with that statement? If they are Muslim, what can the community of Islam do to reach out to them?

Mainstream Islam is a very decentralized religion. There is no single authority that people follow, and the leaders of the mosques have no authority, they are simply people who serve the community, and ultimately people feel free to ignore them and think differently. Mosques are not centers of power, they are public service institutions very much like public libraries.

This decentralized nature of mainstream Islam is very important to take into consideration when thinking of anything that Muslims say or do. The various communities in an area all operate independently, and even the community that gathers inside the same mosque. There are no consensuses to be reached, no power plays or efforts to make one’s opinion or agenda supreme over others. Everyone is free to build their own community and to focus on the things they like and to fit the religion to the concerns of their time and culture. Thus the Muslims of Turkey may live and act very differently from those of Malaysia, and in a way every man and woman is his/her own sect and community, free to apply the religion in ways that make the most sense to them. Islam provides a skeleton or framework that anyone can flesh out in the way they like.

In Islam saying someone “is not a true Muslim” is like saying a professor “is not a true academic”. There is no hard definition, and no authority that gives and takes the “Muslim” label from people. Anyone that states the testimony of faith is a “Muslim”, and if they do something un-Islamic, they may always repent. If they break the law, it is job of law enforcement to deal with them.

No pious person will freely make statements about whether a certain person is a Muslim or not, or if their deed causes them to stop being Muslim. It is not our job to judge people, it is God’s job, and the mainstream Muslim community is rightfully suspicious and mistrustful toward Muslims who involve themselves with the job of judging people.

Whether someone is a Muslim or not is a matter of the heart, and we cannot see inside a person’s heart. A person who appears to be the best Muslim may actually not be Muslim at all and may be pretending to be so for his/her own personal benefit.

The common Muslim belief about terrorists is that they are usually foolish youth enamored by promises of glory and greatness. Their leaders or inciters are often or always people working for intelligence services, whether Western or Iranian or Saudi (etc.), using Islamic rhetoric to motivate these youth into carrying out their dirty work for them. Are these youth guilty or innocent, or a mixture of both? I cannot say. They often believe themselves to be the purest in faith and to be doing things that the average mainstream Muslims are too lazy or cowardly to do.

I expect some time in the 80’s or 90’s intelligence services realized that Muslim jihadists are perfect soldiers, as they do not require payment and are fearless, wishing for death. The US made use of them against Russia in Afghanistan, and somebody made use of them to carry out 9/11 and other terrorist attacks, to justify the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria. War is very profitable for some people (especially lenders), and jihadists make great soldiers, I expect there are enough people around the world ready to make use of them for their own economic and political ends.

Terrorists are extremely rare, media hyperbole notwithstanding. Even if there currently are 100,000 Muslims in the world subscribing to terrorist ideas, that makes up 0.00006% of Muslims, or 6.6 out of 100,000 (while there are 354 Americans with AIDS out of 100,000). We can say that Muslims have been extremely successful at curbing terrorism. In the mainstream Muslim community terrorists are extremely rare and foreign beings. I have never met someone in my entire life who went on to join a terrorist group. We sometimes hear stories of the type “this person’s friend’s cousin knew a guy who went on to join a terrorist organization”, the stories are usually similar to stories of ghost sightings.

This is not to say that Islamic terrorism should be ignored. We Muslims have double the reason to dislike terrorists and wish for an end to them: their crimes, which cause suffering for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike (the vast majority of victims who have died because Islamic terrorism have been other Muslims), and secondly, the effect of their deeds on the way non-Muslims see us and treat us. While to a non-Muslim terrorism is a distant threat similar to hurricanes, a Muslim living in the West has to suffer daily persecution when he or she is looked upon as a potential terrorist by many.

How do more moderate Muslims attempt to change the minds of terrorists and the “foolish youth” that follow them? Is there an effort to use Islamic doctrine to convince them that violent acts are not acceptable in Islam?

The issue is complicated, therefore many speakers and scholars are silent on the extremist doctrines, except when those who subscribe to such doctrines carry out actual terrorist acts, in which case there is usually widespread denouncement of the act. The main issue is that if someone speaks out against ISIS, for example, he can be easily misconstrued to be supporting the Iraqi or Syrian governments, which are equally evil. Therefore they often see the safe route as simply not speaking on it, or only speaking of particular acts instead of attacking the doctrine.

Another issue is that of jihad, when is the use of violence justified? There are various opinions on this, and many speakers/scholars are afraid to come up with anything new as it makes them easy targets for personal attacks and character assassination (i.e. “this new scholar seemingly disagrees with this respected ancient scholar, therefore the new scholar must have strayed from the right path”).

Scholars are increasingly under pressure to clarify and modernize jihad doctrines to make them fit the modern context. The correct and sensible doctrine is that jihad is simply a matter of states. If the US comes under attack, jihad would be to join the US army and defend the country. During the time of the Prophet when the Muslims did not have a state of their own, there was no fighting, no violence, even when their antagonists did violence toward them. Eventually the Prophet was democratically elected to be the leader of the city-state of Medina, and thus, like any state, it had to engage in wars to defend itself, and thus the Quranic verse (22:39) was sent down that permitted the Muslims to engage in fighting against another state.

Modern jihadists ignore these facts, aided by ambiguous texts on jihad, and say that jihad means to engage in violence against any oppressor, at any time. Luckily the vast majority of Muslims consider this false and corrupt, and thus we see that Muslims around the world follow the law and go about their daily lives. Eventually the texts of jihad are going to be properly codified to outlaw terrorism, but it is a slow process, as scholars do not want to be seen to be breaking away from tradition.

As for how we “convince” people that terrorism is wrong, there is no standard practice. As said earlier, there might be 6.6 militant individuals per 100,000 Muslims. There are 15.5 would-be murderers among a population of 100,000 blacks. We do not ask blacks how the “moderate” among them try to convince their fellow blacks not to commit murder, and we do not ask parents how they convince their children not to have incestuous sex with each other. The question is wrong because it implies categorical guilt and responsibility upon the people we are questioning, for something extremely rare and exceptional. A father is not responsible for convincing his son to not have sex with his daughter, and a Muslim father is not responsible for convincing his son not to be a terrorist, because in both cases it is assumed that the son has learned, throughout his entire life, that incest/terrorism is wrong.

Muslims do not have to teach that terrorism is wrong, any more than they need to teach that the sky is blue. Non-violence is the assumption that governs all our interactions with each other. The overwhelming majority of Muslims never come in contact with a militant person, and so they do not have any experience in convincing people not to be terrorists, the same way that most people do not have any experience in trying to convince a man with a very rare mental illness that he is not a duck.

Muslim children are raised to be productive members of society, to be doctors, engineers and firefighters. They do not have to be taught not to be terrorists, any more than black children need to be taught not to be murderers. The entire fabric of the Muslim community is based on the assumption of peace and prosperity, and children grow up wanting a peaceful and productive life.

Therefore Muslims do not have anti-terrorism strategies the same way parents generally do not have anti-incest strategies. If a person shows militant tendencies, similar to a person showing pedophilic tendencies, family and relatives may seek help from community leaders or therapists. If that fails, if they think there may be a danger to the public from said individual, they may alert the authorities, like Muslims have done on a number of occasions in the US in cases of terrorism.

I hope this answers your question. There is no need for an “effort” to convince people that terrorism is wrong, the same way there is no need for an effort to convince people that incest or pedophilia are wrong. It is taught everywhere in society, every day. We cannot blame society for a pedophile’s crime, saying he did not get the memo that it is wrong. It is the same with Muslim society and terrorism. Pedophiles and terrorists are deviants, and an effort to convince them that what they do is wrong is completely ridiculous, since their entire lives they have been learning that what they do is wrong and unacceptable.

Still, due to the collective blame that Muslims receive, most Muslim writers, journalists, speakers and bloggers have spoken out against terrorism. But they are simply repeating what the general Muslim population says; at dinner tables, classrooms and mosques, and their writings and speeches are less for the benefit of the Muslim community than they are for the benefit of non-Muslims who may be wondering what Muslims think about the issue of terrorism.

How to do a first-name search on Facebook

[Updated to work with the December 15, 2014 update to Facebook search. To use it, type “People named X” in the search box, then click the “People” tab. Instead of typing “People named” you can type “Men named” or “Women named” to specify gender. After clicking the “People” tab you may have to refresh the page for the script to work.]

For one of my baby name sites, I sometimes need to research whether a name is used mostly for boys or girls, and the most convenient way to do it is a Facebook search for the name, as in: people named zubi. The only issue is that it also brings up people with the last name of Zubi, which is not what I’m interested in.

Below is a Tampermonkey script (use it with the Chrome Tampermonkey extension) that hides all search results that do not start with the name you are looking for. It runs every second and as Facebook’s AJAX search loads more results, it continues to filter the results. The code is huge because I am loading the entire jQuery library inline, since Facebook doesn’t allow loading remote libraries, and I couldn’t be bothered to research ways of breaking the restriction.

The main action happens inside the defib() function. Maybe I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 during the period in which I coded this script.

// ==UserScript==
// @name       Facebook First Name Searcher
// @namespace
// @version    0.2
// @include*
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// ==/UserScript==

if( document.URL.indexOf('search') > 0){  //only run on search pages
    //we need to load the entiry jQuery library inline since Facebook does not allow loading it remotely:
!function(e,t){"object"==typeof module&&"object"==typeof module.exports?module.exports=e.document?t(e,!0):function(e){if(!e.document)throw new Error("jQuery requires a window with a document");return t(e)}:t(e)}("undefined"!=typeof window?window:this,function(e,t){function n(e){var t=e.length,n=it.type(e);return"function"===n||it.isWindow(e)?!1:1===e.nodeType&&t?!0:"array"===n||0===t||"number"==typeof t&&t>0&&t-1 in e}function r(e,t,n){if(it.isFunction(t))return it.grep(e,function(e,r){return!!,r,e)!==n});if(t.nodeType)return it.grep(e,function(e){return e===t!==n});if("string"==typeof t){if(ft.test(t))return it.filter(t,e,n);t=it.filter(t,e)}return it.grep(e,function(e){return it.inArray(e,t)>=0!==n})}function i(e,t){do e=e[t];while(e&&1!==e.nodeType);return e}function o(e){var t=xt[e]={};return it.each(e.match(bt)||[],function(e,n){t[n]=!0}),t}function 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    var defib = function(){
        if($('._586i span').text() && $('._586i span').text().length > 3) {
    var s = $('._586i span').text().match(/^\w+\s+\w+\s+(\w+)$/)[1];


$('._gll a').filter(function(index) { 
    var t = $(this).text().substring(0,s.length).toLowerCase();
        console.log('s is "' + s + '" and t is "' + t + '"');
    if(t != s || $(this).text().charAt(s.length) !== " ") { //second check avoids accepting Zuhra when wanting Zuhr, makes sure first name is followed by space
        return 1;
    else {
        return 0;

    setInterval(defib, 1000);    

Is reading the Quran better than listening to it?

The majority of scholars (such as Qatar’s Islamic Affairs Ministry, Ibn Baaz, and the UAE Islamic Affairs Ministry) do think that reading is better than listening, but they have no evidence for this except their own personal opinions and unauthentic sayings of the Prophet. To me reading a book or listening to it are the same thing. I listened to the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books (instead of reading them with my eyes), does this mean that I somehow understood or “benefited” less from the books than if I had read them?

I suffer from dry eyes and late at night when I read Quran, if my eyes start to feel bad, I switch to listening. Does this mean that God automatically drops my rewards because I decided to receive God’s word through my ears instead of my eyes?

To me, Islam is a religion based on logic, not magic. No good deed is magically better than another, and whether I decide to receive the Quran through my eyes or ears my reward depends on my effort and sacrifice (how much attention I give to the meaning and how much time I dedicate to it), not on some random eyes-are-better-than-ears prejudice.

Thanking God for saving us from calamities He sent

God is the originator of everything, so what is the point of thanking Him when He sends us blessings to save us from hardships that He could have prevented from happening in the beginning?

If we believe that God created us and knows all about us, and that He has infinite knowledge and wisdom, then we can be sure that He does not play games with us; He does not send us hardship solely for the purpose of us asking him to remove such hardships, but rather, there is always another purpose. There is always a wisdom in it, and it is a tremendous foolishness and arrogance to think otherwise–to think that we can see flaws in God’s actions that He Himself cannot see or mend (sadly, though, the God of Christianity too often seems this way, at least the way Christians paint Him).

Therefore there is nothing intelligent in making fun of “God saving us from calamities He Himself sent”; the clever atheist thinks this is yet another proof of the falsehood of the idea of God, when in fact he has rigged the equation to get the result he wants, he is simply saying “if God is false, then God is false”: First, he corrupts the idea of God, creating a God that is so unwise, unintelligent and unkind that He sends calamities only for the purpose of removing them, and then, with much smugness and pomp, he says that this God must be unwise, unintelligent and unkind.

This type of thinking is more of a sign of the incoherence of Christianity than of the faithlessness of the people of the age, for it is Christianity (at least its modern incarnation) that teaches the type of thinking that puts the burden on God to prove His kindness and greatness, rather than putting the burden on humans to prove their faith and perseverance in an All-Powerful Lord that does what He pleases.

God acts and is not acted upon. God is free to do as He likes, to serve His own purposes, to reward and to punish, to give and to withhold. It does not befit a human, in his smallness and powerlessness, to question God and ask Him to prove Himself. A human being, by the virtue of existing and being alive, is given infinitely many blessings. He has eyes with which to see, a blessing beyond appreciation; for how great it is to see and how terrible not to see! And how good it is to be able to taste, to breathe, to think and imagine, to smell, to touch, and to hear the voices of the ones we love.

This simulation that we live in is like being inside a video game. The characters inside a video game have no power of their own, all the action happens inside the computer’s brain. You do not raise your hand except that God does it for you, you will it, God does it. You are nothing but a thinking thing plugged into a simulation. You think you have power because God so reliably does what you will. There is no guarantee that your arm will raise when you will it, God has to uphold the laws of physics to enable it, He has to transfer the electric signals from your brain to your arms, and create all the other changes necessary in the Universal Register for your arm to move to where you want.

In our state of infinite powerlessness and need, we have to thank God in His Greatness for every blessing, small or big, and we have to thank Him for every calamity He saves us from, even if we assume He sent the calamity. We are powerless, we are completely under God’s dominion, a God who can bring us to the highest peaks of happiness or throw us into the deepest pits of misery. There is nothing preventing God from tormenting us with unimaginable torment, yet He chooses not to do that, isn’t this worth being thankful for? He gives us so many blessings, food and drink, eyes and limbs–blessings we did not earn–isn’t this worth being thankful for?

An atheist would say that God created us, therefore it is His “job” to give us things and take care of us. But God does not have a job assigned to Him. He does what He pleases. I want you to understand this important fact: God does not have to do anything for us. We are infinitely unimportant compared to Him. We are less important than the millions of bacteria that live on the palm of your hand: you probably kill hundreds of thousands of them every day without giving them the slightest thought. There is nothing preventing God from giving us the same treatment, or worse, except God’s own will.

The truth is that we have no rights. You do not have the right to breathe, or see, or think, or even exist. God gave you those, for His own reasons. We are free to rage at Him, but our rage is impotent. We cannot move an atom except that God moves it for us. We can use God’s own technology and power to think arrogant thoughts about our greatness and His smallness, but at the end of the day, the joke is on us. We are crossing a bridge, both ends of which are held up by God, and we ourselves are nothing but puppets controlled by strings that God moves (to our commands, but only because He is humoring us), and yet we are making fun of Him, saying He doesn’t exist, or saying “no thank you” for His blessings.

Arrogant humans think of their imaginary rights over God. Humble humans think of God’s very much real rights over them, for God has a right to be appreciated and worshiped by us, for He has endowed us with so many great things that none besides Him can give.

Why men today do not want to get married

The following was posted by someone on Reddit, but the censors there did not like it, therefore I’m posting it here for posterity. It is a good herald of the coming death of feminism/post-modernity. I have made some spelling corrections, but everything else is as it was, with no censorship. I do not like the many swearwords it contains, but it did not feel right to censor them when my purpose for putting it here is to save it from censorship.

The usual answer is “Because I don’t want to get assraped in the inevitable divorce”

But I’m afraid of the bit before that.

I’m afraid that “our ” wedding will be all about you and my role will consist of “Shut up. Pay up. Get yelled at.”

I’m afraid that after you’ve had your dream wedding and you find yourself having to deal with day to day reality, it will end up being my fault that you’re not living happily ever after.

I’m afraid that I will gradually stop being the guy you love and want to spend the rest of your life with and turn into the room-mate you can barely stand but you keep me around for the heavy lifting and helping to pay the rent.

I’m afraid that you will take marriage advice from your mother and her friends, all of whom will tell you that being nice to your husband is fucking stupid and you shouldn’t bother. I’m afraid that you’ll not wonder why your father is so miserable…

I’m afraid that you will “accidentally” slip up on birth control and I’ll end up with children whether I like it or not. ..But when you’re the size of a house and fed up, I’ll be “the bastard that did this to you.”

I’m afraid that the first words my daughter learns will be “Isn’t daddy stupid?”

I’m afraid that you’ll yell at me for not doing enough with the kids – but every time I try, you show up to tell me that I’m doing it wrong and “why are you so useless?”

I’m afraid that once you’ve got the children you wanted, your libido will fall off the edge of a cliff.

I’m afraid that sex will stop being a special moment between us and become something you use to keep me in line, only deployed when I’ve been a good dog.

I’m afraid that “our” home will fill up with your family and your friends, all of whom will treat me like I don’t deserve to be there.

I’m afraid our relationship will consist of me trying to keep you from yelling at me.

I’m afraid that I’ll be continually expected to support you and care for you and prove how committed I am – and in return I’ll get drama, nagging and continual reminders that I’m useless.

I’m afraid that you’ll spend the entire marriage telling me that my opinion is worthless and then bitch when I don’t immediately come up with an answer to whatever drama you’re moaning about.

I’m afraid that any display of insecurity or feeling down will be met with a terse “Oh man up” and subsequently used to beat me over the head for not being a real man.

I’m afraid that every time I’m sick your way of proving how much you care is to make snide comments about man-flu and bitch because I’m lying around doing nothing.

I’m afraid that any time I get time to myself, you’ll be right there with a honey-do list or some little job that needs doing right now, just to make sure I never get chance to relax.

I’m afraid that no matter what I do, there’s always something else that’s making you pissed off.

I’m afraid that I’ll gradually end up losing my hobbies, interests, opinions, friends and as many of my possessions as you can throw away when my back is turned. And you’ll then bitch at me for being “Boring”

I’m afraid that I’ll wake up one day and realize that I’m paying for a house that isn’t my home, full of shit that somebody else wanted, kids that are being raised to treat me with contempt and a life that consists of “work. eat. sleep.” Correction. “Work. Eat. Get moaned at. Sleep.”

And of course there’s always the possibility that after I’ve tried to give you everything you wanted, you’ll decide one day that my services are no longer required and I’ll find myself in a bedsit, piss-poor and wondering what happened to the last ten years of my life.

Growth of CPU GFLOPS by year, with future projections

In Q1 2006, the fastest, most expensive CPU could do 12.421 GFLOPS on the Whetstone test. In Q4 2014, the fastest consumer CPU (Intel Core i7-5960X) can do 169.79 GFLOPS.

I added two trend lines to the chart. The green one is a linear trend line, showing that in January 2018 we will have a 200 GFLOPS CPU, which doesn’t sound like much, while the red exponential trend line promises 500 GFLOPS during the same period. The truth will likely be somewhere in between.

The latest CPU’s gains come from its 8 cores, therefore a better performance chart would only show single-thread improvements, since single-thread shows the true performance improvement per core and is a big bottleneck for many games and applications.

A quick single-thread comparison can be done between the Intel Core 2 Extreme X7900 (Q3 2007), which received a single-thread score of 968 on the PassMark test, and the Intel Core i7-2600K (Q1 2011), which received almost exactly double the single-threaded performance at 1943. It took Intel less than 4 years to double the performance of its highest-end consumer CPU. But three years later, the fastest CPU in single-threaded tests is the Intel Core i7-4790K with a score of 2532, meaning that in about four years Intel has only managed to gain a 30% performance improvement in single-threaded applications.

This is a big deal and shows the performance stagnation that gamers and professionals have been complaining about in recent years. If the next four years end up like the past four, in 2018 the fastest consumer CPU will only be 30% faster if no additional cores are added. The interpretation of Moore’s Law that promised a doubling of performance every 18 months has long been inaccurate.

Below is the data that I based the chart on the top on, taken from CPU reviews that featured the SiSoft Sandra Whetstone test.

 Quarter        GFLOPS
 10-Jan-06	12.421  
 10-Apr-06	15.703   
 10-Oct-06	33.797   
 10-Apr-07	37.693   
 10-Jul-07	26.7     
 10-Oct-07	44.4     
 10-Jan-08	44.2     
 10-Oct-08	62.879   
 10-Jan-09	66.5     
 10-Oct-09	55.9     
 10-Oct-10	67       
 10-Apr-11	83       
 10-Jul-11	91       
 10-Oct-11	121      
 10-Jan-12	136      
 10-Apr-12	93.2     
 10-Jul-12	126      
 10-Apr-13	93       
 10-Jul-13	135.4    
 10-Oct-14	169.79

On character worship in science: Are there truly any “unique” discoveries?

I am not the only person who has tired of the cults of personality that surround Einstein and other scientists, as if they were deities who did humanity a unique favor, a favor that no other person could bestow.

In the world of hard, cold reality, many discoveries are made by multiple people simultaneously, or the next person may be a year or two behind. Sometimes, especially in the past centuries, one person may be uniquely suited to make a discovery; they have the right amount of intelligence, funding and motivation, and the right social and historical context, so that had they not made their discovery, nobody else would have for decades or even centuries later.

The above may or may not have been true in the case of Einstein (or other worshiped scientists), and if it was, then he would have been one of the last humans to enjoy such a position, for soon after science was turned into a formal practice, a business and a profession, meaning that all important areas of knowledge had multiple individuals, often multiple teams, working on them with intense focus and motivation, so that scientific discoveries became more of a race than some type of unique divine inspiration. Watson and Crick discovered the 3D structure of DNA and for this they received the Nobel price, but Linus Pauling was right on their heels toward the same discovery and may have done the same soon after Watson and Crick’s date of discovery.

While we can respect scientists for their hard work and intelligence, it is delusional to consider them unique snowflakes who did the world a unique favor. Science is, in its essence, an effort to make an accurate description of the world, which means that given time and funding, if someone does not make a discovery, another person will.

Therefore there is no need, and indeed no place, among self-respecting scientists for character worship and hagiography. I love Descartes, Heisenberg and David Stove, but the only thing unique about them was how good of a human being they were in their hearts[1]. Their thoughts and discoveries, though very useful to me and others, were not unique (ahead of their time, yes, but not unique), and had they not come up with them, another person would have; no scientist or thinker has been conceived by the semen of Zeus and none deserves worship.

All scientists are fallible humans, some are given the fortune of wealth, free time and opportunity, so that they earn renown for making discoveries that many others may have done, and may have done better or sooner, had they been provided with similar luxuries. Any scientist who considers himself unique (and I do not think the kind and introspective Einstein did) is suffering from arrogance and some measure of obliviousness or stupidity.

Technical Details

In a closed system (such as the particles of a fluid contained inside a container), everything that happens is of and from the system itself. If the movement of the particles causes one particle to move faster than the others, we do not give the fastest particle a prize for being the fastest, for we know that its speed is derived from the system, not from any unique virtue that the particle possesses.

In the universe, it being a closed system (to ignore religion), all events and phenomena are derived from the system itself, meaning that the creation of every human being, and the thoughts and motivations present in the brain of every human being, is derived from the system, as much as the velocity of a particle in a closed fluid system is derived from the interactions inside the system.

This means that no human can come up with anything unique, any more than a robot can. Both robot “thought” and human thought are derived from the physical universe of particle interactions, and there is truly no reason to thank, let alone worship, a robot or a human for their thoughts and actions, any more than there is reason to thank a particle in a fluid for being faster than the rest. That is, unless we allow for outside influences; if we think the system is open, as in God or aliens from time to time endow humans with unique thoughts that cannot be derived from the system[2], then we would have God or aliens to thank for the seeming uniqueness of some human thought, and not the human itself, and thus, again, we fail to find reason to admire or worship humans for their thoughts and discoveries.

Thus, whether you are an atheist or a believer in God or aliens, it is always a failure of logic to believe in the uniqueness of scientists or scientific discoveries.

[1] That is, if you admit that there is such a thing as free will and a conceptual “heart” that can practice said free will freely.
[2] And that is all that “unique” means in the present discussion; something that is not a derivation of the system’s interactions.

Using one category page to show multiple categories in WordPress

[Update: There is probably never a good reason to do this. Instead, create a new category to hold the posts.]

Trying to show multiple categories in one loop is easily the hardest thing I’ve done in WordPress.

  1. First, create a container category where you want your multiple categories to be shown. Let’s call it the MultiCat category and give it the multicat slug. No posts are required to belong to this category, and if they do, it will have no benefit.
  2. Next, add this bit of code to functions.php of your theme. This is where we create a query variable which enables us to identify the multi-category page properly. Update the category slugs below to match the slugs of the categories you want to show together.
    function multi_cat_handler( $query ) {
        if ( $query->is_main_query() && $query->query["category_name"] == 'cat1-slug,cat2-slug,cat3-slug,cat4-slug' ) {
    add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'multi_cat_handler' );
  3. Next, add this code to functions.php. Update multicat to the slug of your multiple categories category. Also update the other slugs as in the previous step.
    function alter_the_query_for_me( $request ) {
        $dummy_query = new WP_Query(); 
        $dummy_query->parse_query( $request );
    	  if($dummy_query->query['category_name'] == 'multicat') {
    		$request['category_name'] = 'cat1-slug,cat2-slug,cat3-slug,cat4-slug';
        return $request;
    add_filter( 'request', 'alter_the_query_for_me' );
  4. To display the h1 tag of the MultiCat category page properly, we use the following code:
    if(get_query_var('allish') == 'yes') {
    echo 'Title of the Multiple Categories Page';
    else {
    echo 'Normal code that outputs category title';

    If you do not do the above, when people go to the MultiCat category page, they will see a random title from one of the multiple categories you want to show on the page, which is not the behavior you want.

  5. Below is the main code that outputs your posts. The if clause at the top allows us to know we are on the multiple categories page (we cannot use other methods such as checking category ID, since that will return a random category’s ID from the multiple categories we want to show).
    <!--?php if(get_query_var('allish')=='yes') : ?-->
    $paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1;  //necessary for proper pagination
    parse_str($get_string, $get_array);
    <?php $args = array( 'paged' => $paged, 'cat' => '3,4,671,672' );
    <!--?php query_posts($args); ?-->
    <!--?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?-->
    Here lies the code that outputs your post content
    <!--?php endwhile ?-->
    <!--?php else : ?-->
    Here is the loop that outputs your normal categories
    <!--?php endif ?-->

    The $args array contains the query we use to pull posts from the database. We are pulling posts from the categories with the IDs of 3, 4, 671 and 672. Notice that in Step 2 we used category slugs, while in this step we are using category IDs. They have to match, and order may matter.

That’s all.


The RSS feed of the category page will be the RSS feed of one of the categories shown on the MultiCat page. This may be fixable through using RSS-specific filters, but in my case I had no need for RSS and did not try to find a fix.

How to moderate bbPress submissions that contain links

The most common trait of forum spam submissions is that they contain links. The code below (add it to your main wordpress install’s functions.php theme file) filters new bbPress topics and replies and if it detects a link, it marks the submission as “pending”, allowing moderators to review the submission in the back end before publishing it. The code is working on bbPress version 2.5.4.

The code, however, creates front end issues. If it is a new topic, the user is redirected to a page that contains the topic title but not the topic content. If it is a new reply, the page reloads with no indication of that the reply has been saved. These issues may be solvable with query variables and some jQuery, but in my case, almost all submissions that contain links are guaranteed to be spam, therefore user experience is not a big concern.

function bb_filter_handler($data , $postarr) {
   //If the post date and post_modified are the same, it is a new reply/topic. But if they are different,
   //it is a moderater editing the reply/topic (such as changing from pending to published status, 
   //therefore we let the data through without filtering. Without this admins/moderators won't be able to
   //change a reply/topic from "pending" status to "published".
if(  strtotime($data["post_date"]) != strtotime($data["post_modified"]    )  ) {
    return $data;
if(   ($data["post_type"] == 'reply' || $data["post_type"] == 'topic') && $data["post_status"] == 'publish'    ) {  

        $text= $data["post_content"];
        $regex = "((https?|ftp)\:\/\/)?"; // SCHEME 
        $regex .= "([a-z0-9+!*(),;?&=\$_.-]+(\:[a-z0-9+!*(),;?&=\$_.-]+)?@)?"; // User and Pass 
        $regex .= "([a-z0-9-.]*)\.([a-z]{2,3})"; // Host or IP 
        $regex .= "(\:[0-9]{2,5})?"; // Port 
        $regex .= "(\/([a-z0-9+\$_-]\.?)+)*\/?"; // Path 
        $regex .= "(\?[a-z+&\$_.-][a-z0-9;:@&%=+\/\$_.-]*)?"; // GET Query 
        $regex .= "(#[a-z_.-][a-z0-9+\$_.-]*)?"; // Anchor 
           if(preg_match("/$regex/", $text))  { 
                   $data["post_status"] = 'pending';
           } else {
                  //do nothing

 return $data;
add_filter( 'wp_insert_post_data', 'bb_filter_handler', '99', 2 );

Using jQuery and JSON to recover from a failed TablePress save

I was happily working away on my 700+ row table in TablePress, saving occasionally. Server issues came up and I was prevented from saving for a few hours. Eventually the server was back up again and I wanted to save, but I ran into the dreaded Ajax save failure message.

Even using shift+save did not work, taking me to the silly and useless Are you sure? WordPress page.

Refreshing the page would have meant losing many hours of work. I tried various ideas but all failed. The most desperate idea was to use jQuery to get the values of all the table cells, put them into an array, copy the string of the array, refresh the page, use jQuery to feed the array back into the cells. I tried to do it in Firefox, using the built-in inspector and Firebug, only to be reminded of how much I dislike Firefox’s slow and clunky inspector tools (I was using Firefox since it performs better than Chrome on super-sized web apps like a massive TablePress table).

So I needed a way to move my work to Chrome, but how? I saved the TablePress page as an HTML document on my computer, then opened it in Chrome. Saving the editor as an HTML document causes the values of the input fields to be saved, thus when I opened it in Chrome all the values of the cells where there.

Next, I used a jQuery bookmark to load jQuery on the page in Chrome, then I ran the following two lines in the console:

my_array = [];
$('textarea').each(function(){ my_array.push($(this).val()); });

The above code loads the values of the textboxes into an array. The Chrome console doesn’t have a way of letting you copy an object or array’s source code so that you can paste it somewhere else, therefore we have to improvise. We know that the console will print out the value of any object, and if it is a string, it will plainly print the string.

In the above example, we place the word “hello” in the variable x, then on the next line simply write the name of the variable and press enter, causing chrome to give us the string “hello”. As seen below, if type the name of an array variable, Chrome enables us to browse the values inside the array. This is usually helpful, but not this time, since we need the array in format that can be copied.

What we need is to stringify the array somehow. In this case, the JavaScript JSON API comes to the rescue. We place the array my_array inside the my_string variable using the line below:

var my_string = JSON.stringify(my_array);

Afterwards, we type my_string into the console, causing Chrome to show the plaintext version of the array:

We then copy the entire text (making sure to skip the beginning and end quotes added by the stringify function, since we won’t be needing them), then open the TablePress backend on a new tab, loading the table we were working on. The table will lack the cells we had added but could not save. Now we populate this working backend with the data we copied. We open the console, re-enable jQuery using the bookmark, and use the following line to load the text into an array. We do not have a need to use the JSON API’s parse function, since the plaintext is already a valid array initialization.

Below we see the array my_array, ready to be populated with the string we copied:

Next, we use the line below to add the values of the array into the table:

$('textarea').each(function(){ $(this).val(my_array.shift());   });

All done! In the first .each function above, we used my_array.push() to add values to the end of the array. To keep the values in order, we now use my_array_.shift(), getting items from the beginning of the array and feeding them to the textareas from first to last.

In this way I managed to get my work back. Another solution I could have tried would have been to see if WordPress could be forced to accept the data that it was rejecting (it was rejecting it due to an expired session or something like that). But such a solution may have required a lot more work and possibly modifications to the WordPress core, which is always risky and not fun.

How to automate and throttle Relevanssi indexing on large websites

First of all, update Relevanssi to the latest version. This significantly increased indexing performance on my 80,000+ page website.

Next, I created the following hacky solution for a problem that shouldn’t exist; the fact that Relevanssi cannot silently index everything without hogging all server resources. First find out the number of pages Relevanssi can index in one go without overloading your server, say 500. Then use the following Tampermonkey script on the Relevanssi settings page. You need Chrome’s Tampermonkey extension. Here’s what the script does:

  1. It enables jQuery on the Relevanssi dashboard.
  2. It waits 15 seconds, then clicks the “Continue indexing” button. Once the indexing is done and the page reloads, it waits 15 seconds, then clicks it again, and so on.
  3. Leave this running in a tab until all pages are indexed, then turn the script off and close the tab.

Below is the code:

// ==UserScript==
// @name       Relevanssi Index Button Clicker
// @namespace
// @version    0.1
// @description  Click click click
// @match
// @copyright  2014 jQuery, Ikram Hawramani
// ==/UserScript==

(function () {
    function loadScript(url, callback) {
        var script = document.createElement("script")
        script.type = "text/javascript";
        if (script.readyState) { //IE
            script.onreadystatechange = function () {
                if (script.readyState == "loaded" || script.readyState == "complete") {
                    script.onreadystatechange = null;
        } else { //Others
            script.onload = function () {
        script.src = url;
    loadScript("", function () {
         //jQuery loaded
         console.log('jquery loaded');


How cyber pirates anonymously torrent movies on the internet

We all know that you, as a law-abiding citizen, would never download a car. And yet there are people out there who download movies for free and refuse to add a few more bucks to the billions of dollars that movie studios squat upon. There are film executives who, thanks to cyber pirates, only have a net worth of $100 million instead of $101.

So how do they do it? How are these cyber criminals subverting our democracy and freedoms to acquire knowledge and entertainment for free without making the wealthy even wealthier? It all burns down to three simple letters: I2P.

I2P, or the Invisible Internet Project, is a project that enables anyone anywhere to download information in a way that makes it impossible for anyone to track them or reveal their identity. Many experts at the CNN agree that our democracy is in great danger when we freely allow citizens to practice speech that is genuinely free. Speech needs to be controlled and approved by the government, for our own security, and most importantly, the safety of our children. The cyber police work tirelessly to prevent free speech from actually taking place. But the pirates have found a home in I2P where no one can catch them.

I2P is slightly like TOR, which you may have heard of. However, unlike TOR, I2P is not used to browse normal internet sites (though it can be used that way), rather, it has its own sites, such as stats.i2p. And unlike TOR, I2P supports and encourages torrenting; it even has a built-in torrent client that is ready to go as soon as you install I2P.

Cyber pirates follow the following steps when they download high quality Blue Ray movies, ebook and textbook collections, and the latest Battlefield video game anonymously. We can show you the steps since downloading, installing and using I2P is perfectly legal under current laws (so long as you do not intentionally seek out and download copyrighted movies, books, songs, etc., see step 18 below for more clarification on this).

  1. First, they visit the I2P site to download the I2P software:
    If the site is for some reason down or has moved, they can easily find the new site by Googling “download i2p”:
  2. Then they click the I2P download link to download the I2P software:
  3. Below is a picture of the finished I2P software download:
  4. They may then do a signature check to make sure their version of I2P has not been tampered with. You can read TOR’s guide for how to do this, and apply the same logic to I2P.
  5. Once I2P is installed, they do not run it. They will set up a browser to be fully dedicated to I2P. This means that the browser will be able to browse I2P websites, but not ordinary internet sites. In our example we show how the Opera browser can be configured to handle I2P. They click on the Opera button, then point to Settings->Preferences:
  6. Then they click the Advanced tab:
  7. Then they click on the Network section, then the “Proxy servers” button:
  8. Then they make the following changes to the window that pops up, then click “OK”:
  9. Once they are done setting up Opera, they start I2P. There are two programs, and it doesn’t matter which one you run, the only difference is that the second one has a restart option. In our example we show you the restartable one:
  10. The I2P Service window shows up for them. Here they wait a little while for the program to fully start up.
  11. If all goes well, their computer launches their default browser, which could be Internet Explorer. While they do not want this, it is useful for getting the address to the I2P service. Thus they copy the address shown.
  12. They go to Opera and paste the address in the address bar. Then they drag the icon where it says “Web” to the bookmarks bar for easy navigation in the future.
  13. They wait a while as their I2P program becomes integrated into the worldwide network. They watch these two indicaters on the I2P homepage. Once they are green, they know they are good to go:
  14. Now, they click on the “Torrents” link at the top of the I2P Console.
  15. They are taken to I2PSnark, which is the built-in torrent client for I2P. Currently the client is empty since we haven’t added any torrents. They click on the “Postman” link to take them to the Postman tracker, which is the largest torrent tracker on I2P. There is also the Diftracker link, which is another tracker.
  16. Depending on how long the I2P program has been running, the Postman website will open immediately or after a while. They may also get a “Proxy server error” kind of page, which is nothing to be worried about, they will simply try the website again in 5-10 minutes.
    In the image it can be seen that the sneaky anonymous cyber pirates have uploaded torrents for a movie called Let the Right One In and a video game called Wasteland 2.
  17. Since we are perfectly law-abiding citizens, we will show an example of downloading a legal non-copyrighted file from the Postman I2P bittorrent tracker. But the pirates download movies and other files, committing copyrighted infringement. Of course, nobody, government or otherwise, can catch them do it, since everything is fully anonymous and encrypted. So they get away with downloading their favorite movies without making the super wealthy even wealthier. The communism!
    Here, to find a legal file, we put the keyword “pdf” into the search box so that we only see ebook files, some of which are copyright-free and legally distributable.
  18. Here is an example of some of the books that came up. We find some German magazine, a book by John Gray for clueless men trying to lead a politically correct life, two sex guides for autistic individuals, some convoluted self help nonsense, and a book for antenna nerds. These are all copyrighted books, therefore we will have to skip them; we wouldn’t download a car, so why would we download books? Of course, balaclava-wearing cyber pirates do not skip them just because they are copyrighted, since they know the cyber police have no way of catching them, since they are using I2P.
  19. After a very, very long time, we find a book that seems copyright-free.
  20. Here, the pirates will right-click the magnet icon on the left of the book title and click “Copy Link Address”.
  21. Then, they will go back to I2PSnark, paste the link in the “From URL” box, then click “Add torrent”.
  22. Below we see that the torrent has been added to the list of torrents. The word “Magnet” ahead of all those numbers tells the pirate that the torrent file hasn’t been fetched yet (it usually takes a minute or two). Once it is, the name for the torrent will be shown.
  23. Below you can see the finished torrent being seeded. We have blacked out the names of the other torrents for undisclosed reasons. Seeding is also perfectly anonymous; therefore pirates often leave many torrents running in the seeding mode to help other pirates download things faster. Due to all of the cryptography that happens, downloading more than 5 torrents at the same time can cause significant CPU usage.
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