Arabic Transliteration Tool

This is an Arabic transliteration tool that uses the character system of Brill's Encyclopedia of Islam. The transliteration is performed inside the box as you type (type Mu$hammad to see it in action).
Use a dollar sign to indicate that a character should be replaced with its special alternative (type Mu$hammad, result is: Muḥammad). Use an apostrophe (') for hamza and the backtick (`) for ʿayn (the backtick is generally typed using the key above the tab key).
Example input:
Ab$u `Abd al-Ra$hm$an A$hmad b. Shu`ayb b. Sin$an b. Ba$hr b. D$in$ar al-Nas$a'$i
Abū ʿAbd al-Raḥmān Aḥmad b. Shuʿayb b. Sinān b. Baḥr b. Dīnār al-Nasāʾī
Character replacement list:
$h : ḥ (ḥāʾ as in Muḥammad)
$H : Ḥ
$i : ī
$I : Ī
' : ʾ (hamza)
` : ʿ (ʿayn)
$a : ā
$A : Ā
$d : ḍ (ḍād as in ḍammah)
$D : Ḍ
$z : ẓ (zāʾ as in the ẓuhr prayer)
$Z : Ẓ
$s : ṣ (ṣād in ṣawm)
$S : Ṣ
$u : ū
$U : Ū
$t : ṭ (ṭāʾ in ṭāhir)
$T : Ṭ
$r : ř (for Kurdish)
$R : Ř (for Kurdish)
$l : ł (for Kurdish)
$L : Ł (for Kurdish)