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IslamQA: What to do if the Quran (in English) does not touch your heart

I have an issue I feel bad about. Whenever I read the Qur'an i can't connect to it. At worst I haven't even had a clear feeling it's from God. Idk why. Maybe because I don't know Arabic. But whenever I watch a religious video explaining the religion i feel very connected.

You could try different translations of the Quran, some of them have a very technical style that is hard to connect to. Many people like The Qur’an (Oxford World’s Classics) which is not available for free online. You can also try Irving’s translation, which is free.

And if that doesn’t work, but you continue to enjoy lectures, then that is fine too. Once you have understood the religion and follow it, you are free to worship God and seek spirituality in the way that works best for you.

My favorite way to feel spiritual other than listening to the Quran is to read my collection of Ibn al-Jawzi’s sayings, which I have published as a book and which you can read here for free.

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And God knows best.
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4 years ago

السلام عليكم

A translation of the Qur’aan is not the Qur’aan. The Qur’aan will only truly touch the heart when read and understood in the language it was revealed which is Arabic. And it is not unusual to find very little or no effect of a translation on the heart and soul because a translation does not except capture a glimpse of the Arabic meaning since the Qur’aan is not meant to be read in English or any other language. It is an Arabic Qur’aan meant to be read and understood in Arabic. The Arabic language is a very easy, logical, clear and beautiful language. After learning enough Arabic, and returning to read the Qur’aan, you will feel as if you never read the Qur’aan before that day. This is because only now, are you truly reading the Qur’aan in the Words it was revealed whereas before you were only reading a translation. The difference is indescribable but the effect is lasting and penetrating. So this is the solution to not being affected by the translation: read and understand it in Arabic. It will change your life in sha Allah.