About Ikram

I am a writer, software engineer and independent researcher living in the United States.

I belong to the Hawrami minority of northwestern Iran, a mostly Sunni Muslim race. We speak the Hawrami language, an Indo-European language with close affinity to ancient Persian.

I grew up in the Iranian countryside and later in the city of Sulaimaniyyah in northern Iraq, until I moved to the United States.

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On Hawramis

According to the Russian scholar Vladimir Minorsky the Hawramis most likely came from Gilan in the Caspian Sea region, a region that had a similar role in Iranian folk history to that of Scandinavia in the Viking Age, a place where mythical warriors came from. The Hawramis live in the Hawraman region of the southern Zagros mountains (between Halabja in Iraq and Paveh in Iran).

Due to the fact that we have lived alongside Kurds for centuries, we are often categorized under the label “Kurd”, even though among Hawramis we use the label “Kurd” to refer to non-Hawrami non-Persians. If the word Kurd is used as a social designation (“people who live in the mountains that separate Arabia, Turkey and Persia”), then the Kurdish label makes sense, and it is for this reason that most Hawramis have gone along with being labelled Kurds. However, if the word “Kurd” is used as a racial/genetic designation, it is inaccurate, since Hawramis have different genetics (tallness, pale skin, colored hair and eyes) compared to the rest of the Kurds, and a different language and culture. Many Hawramis have left Hawraman and live in Kurdish cities like Sulaimaniyyah in Iraq and Sanandaj in Iran and intermarriage between Hawramis and Kurds is today commonplace.


Below are pictures of the part of the world where I come from.