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IslamQA: Has the Quran been changed?

Salaam,I'm curious about something,we are all know that Bible and Zebur changed by people,that's why God sends us to a new Holy Book,I read the Bible and it has very bad parts and it makes me disgusted,but I don't like some part of Quran tho,I think it's because I read Turkish Quran? The translate must be bad.My question is do you think Quran changed by people too? Is something like can be happen or no?

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

I do not believe the Quran changed because of its highly oral nature (hundreds of people memorized it early on) and because of its early collection in books by Uthman b. Affan (may God be pleased with him). To me another proof of its authenticity is its beauty and coherence. The book proves its authenticity on its own. Even if we knew nothing about its history, for example if someone unearthed a Quran today, a person who reads it cannot help but be extremely overpowered by its speech. The Quran proves itself, and since it says that God is protecting it from being corrupted, this increases our faith in its authenticity.

I too had difficulty with some parts of the Quran, for example the famous wife-beating verse (4:34). But through my study and reflection I have always been able to come to an understanding that settles my heart (see my essay on verse 4:34 here).

Translations of the Quran do not capture its beauty and coherence, so they can lead to doubt about its divine origin. The only solution for this is to learn good Arabic and read it in the original, or to take other people’s word for it when they say the Arabic Quran is miraculously beautiful, inemitable and matchless.

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And God knows best.
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