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IslamQA: The Islamic cure for nihilism

What to do when you see the world in a nihilistic view?

The cure for me was to truly take the Quran to heart. According to the Quran God is in charge of history. Everything that happens happens with God’s knowledge and approval. Nothing escapes His dominion. When you see evil in this world, you can know that it is God who allows it to happen and that He is not neglecting it, and that He will change things for the better when the time is right.

Once you truly submit to God, you realize that this world is like a video game that runs on a computer controlled by God. There is absolutely no reason to worry about the future of the world and humanity when you know that God is utterly in charge. History is like a film directed by God. We are the actors and we have some freedom in what we do, but we can never change the direction of the film because God is in charge of it and has His own thousand-year plans that play out in the world.

Rather than thinking of the world in terms of days and years, think of it in terms of generations and centuries the way God thinks of it. We are part of a much larger story and only God knows what amazing things may be in the future. So leave the management of the world and its history to God. It is not your business to worry about how things are in the world or how they may turn out. God is totally in charge of these things. Your part is to do good with what God has given you, being a minor actor in God’s film.

I know it can be difficult to keep such a mindset when the world constantly reminds you of its shortcomings and flaws. The cure is to read the Quran daily. It will constantly remind you of the fact that God is in charge and that nothing escapes Him, and in this way you will be consoled and comforted on a daily basis and your worries will be taken away.

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