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IslamQA: Is it permissible for a daughter to dislike her father?

All fathers do a lot for their daughters even after they get married. In our culture it is a way to keep respect of ur daughter at her in laws. But my father didn't even give me dowry and now he doesn't even give a penny after marriage. Even if I tell him u humiliate me in front of my in laws by doing this. He says I'm not his duty anymore. I despise him for this. am I wrong or my father? can't I despise him for this and all of his other agonizing treatments that he has done with me and my mama?

I’m sorry that your father is like that. It is true that legally he is not required to give you money (since you have a husband now), but it is highly dishonorable for him to think that this means he can just forget about your needs.

You are free how you think of your father, and you are not required to control your feelings toward him. You are only required to not cut ties with him, to be as respectful as you can be when dealing with him, and to do what you can for his welfare (whether he deserves any of these things or not). Consider these things acts of charity that God will reward you for (inshaAllah). If you feel he doesn’t deserve these things, that makes the charity even greater.

Best wishes.

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