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IslamQA: Will God answer the prayers of a woman who does not wear the hijab?

Alslam alikum Does not wearing hijab can be reason for not responding for my prayers (Du’aa) that I have been asking Allah for along time I’m so disappointed

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

God can have many reasons for not answering prayers at the time we expect and in the way we expect. We cannot say with certainty that not wearing the hijab is the cause for your prayer not being answered. God is not like a genie in a bottle who makes our wishes come true. He is our guide and mentor and He does not usually give us what we ask for in the way we expect.

And when My servants ask you about Me, I Am near; I answer the call of the caller when he calls on Me. So let them answer Me, and have faith in Me, that they may be rightly guided.

The Quran, verse 2:186.

According to the above verse, God promises to answer our calls (prayers) if we answer His call (His commands and recommendations). And since wearing the hijab is a way of answering God’s call, a person who wears it is more likely to be answered. But not wearing the hijab is just one sin among thousands of possible sins, and a person who wears the hijab may have many greater sins than a person who does not wear it.

The point is to try to develop a close relationship with God and to answer His call, and wearing the hijab would be one step in that direction. But it is not the only step, and it may not be the most important one. There is no way to force God to answer your prayers even if you think you are doing everything right because God, like I said, is not a genie in a bottle. He is your guide and mentor. He wants you to grow, to learn, to improve yourself, and He answers you in the way that is best for you, and sometimes what is best for you is for your prayer to go unanswered for a while. In this way He tests you and determines whether you are loyal to Him even when you are disappointed and your wishes do not come true.

The point of life is not for our wishes to come true. This life is a testing hall where you prove your loyalty toward God. So you shouldn’t think of God as a spirit who is required to make your wishes come true. You cannot use God for your own benefit. You belong to God and it is He who uses you in the ways He wants. If you are an ideal, loyal and submissive servant, He will take care of you, help you mature, and make many of your wishes come true when the time is right. But if you keep expecting Him to make your wishes come true without truly submitting to Him and without fully embracing your role as His servant, then He may continue to disappoint you in order to teach you a lesson.

I recommend that you read the Quran constantly in order to get to know God better. The Quran will teach you the right way to approach God and the right way to please Him and develop a close relationship with Him. Also see: Guides on Getting Closer to God

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