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IslamQA: Moving out against the mother’s wishes

I want to move another apartment by myself,I want to live alone,but my mom doesn't like this idea,she thinks I'm not gonna look her when I move and she thinks my dad her and I should live together,I don't want to marry I just want to live alone,what should I do...Do I have to look her? I mean I'm gonna send her money...

Technically you are allowed to live on your own. But the pious thing to do is to continue living with your parents. The same way that your mother was there for you as a child, you should be there for her as an adult and try to do what pleases her even if you do not particularly like doing it. It appears that your mother has an emotional need to have you close by. It may make her sad or even depressed if you move out and leave her with your father. If you put her needs before yours then God will reward you and bless you for it. You could consider moving to a bigger house with them if they would agree to that so that you can have more room to yourself.

We are not required to be slaves to our parents’ wishes in Islam. But while they are alive, you have a great opportunity to gain God’s rewards by trying to please them. Even if you find their presence inconvenient, God will make it up for you by making other parts of your life easy and successful. Many of the happy and successful Muslims you meet will be people who put their parents’ needs before their own.

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