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4 years ago

Very well written, maashaaAllah
JazakAllah, this was exactly the content I was looking for, it answers a lot of my queries.

4 years ago

Assalamu alaykum,

The Arabic word i§lam means ‘safetiness’ via proto-indo-European root *Sol or *Solh2. The Arabic word mü§lim means ‘saver’. The Arabic word for jew means ‘one who is soft, mild and quick to change allegiance whether good or bad’ such as those who wish to live like kings with your money after play the mild mannered bank neighbour. The Christian means ‘one who rubs, grits’ such as those who want hard work out of themselves and others once the jew runs with the money. But the mü§lim is one who keeps safe, and submits zakat/tax, impurity is submitted away. The word mümin means ‘one who secures’ ie securer. Such as the one securing from the jew who runs away, and from the Christian slave driver who used to giggle at Omar ibn Said into submission to their gritty experience.