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IslamQA: Is it shirk (idolatry) to watch videos about ghosts, ouija and seances?

Assalamu'alaikum I discovered that it is shirk to go to a mediator. I never did it, but I watched YouTube vids of people telling stories of when they were "haunted"/using ouija boards/visiting haunted places/doing a seance. Although I know that these aren't ghosts & watched it for intrigue does this count as shirk? In one of the videos they talked about consulting a mediator. What he told them matched the Islamic perspective of the unseen. So I just thought that I already knew that from islam

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

If you do it merely out of curiosity without believing that there are other supernatural powers besides God, then it is not shirk and it is not sinful.

Summoning human spirits is considered impossible in Islam and it is considered forbidden to try to summon human spirits or jinns. But merely learning about it out of curiosity is not sinful as far as I am aware.

Source on the ruling on summoning:

And God knows best.
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