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IslamQA: How to return stolen money

I read your blog and thank you so much for the answer,there's only one sin that I couldn't fix it,when I was in high school,my friends were making fun of me,they were calling me "Fag,faggot" and they talk bad about behind me they made me so sad and angry,I wanted revenge so I stoled their things,like money..After that I leaved school,that sin still haunts me,what can I do? "So sorry for my English"

Try to either return the money to them as a gift, such as on Eid by sending them money or gift cards. You can also return the money anonymously if possible. And if you cannot find the victims or cannot get in touch with them, then God does not burden you beyond your ability. You can just keep it in mind to return the money to them whenever it is made possible for you.

Follow-up question:

Salaam,thank you so much for the answer,you said "And if you cannot find the victims or cannot get in touch with them, then God does not burden you beyond your ability." I just know their social media accounts I don't where they live and I never talked with them since I leaved school,can I give that money to the poor people? I really don't want to talk with the" victims",they ruined my life.God bless you thank you so much 🙏🏼

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

The fatwas I have looked at all say that giving in charity does not take away the obligation to return stolen money. I understand that it is going to be difficult to get in contact with them after that history, but unfortunately there is no other way as far as I am aware. If there is any possibility that the money can be returned in one way or another then it should be returned.

Best wishes.

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