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IslamQA: Are skincare products with animal ingredients haram?

Salam, Is it haram to use make up or skincare with animal derived ingredients? Jzk

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Some scholars consider it forbidden regardless of what animal it comes from if the animal has not been slaughtered in the Islamic way. Others say that the ingredient, if it has been purified and transformed chemically, then it would be halal, even if it is taken from haram animals like pigs.

Personally I prefer to consider it forbidden.

Also note that anything that is certified kosher (permissible to practicing Jews) is also automatically halal except alcohol. So if the product has a kosher symbol on it then you can use it. Most products sold in the US by large companies have kosher certification. Below are some of the most commonly seen kosher symbols.

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And God knows best.
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2 years ago

I saw on Google that some Jews think its okay to consume pork and alcohol so the kosher symbols shouldn’t be seen as “halal” as they might have haram ingredients.