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Islam, ghosts, paranormal activity and jinns

assalamu alaykum, what is the islamic point of view on ghosts and on paranormal activity in general? recently someone i know had a paranormal experience but they always believed that when it happens it’s jinns mocking humans but it happened during ramadan and jinns are locked up in hell so i dont know what to think of it.

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Islam gives us no criteria for distinguishing mere hallucinations and delusions from paranormal things, so whenever someone says something paranormal has happened, our stance should be skepticism. In Islam we do not believe in ghosts; the souls of the dead have no relationship with the physical world, although there might be exceptions where God allows a dead soul to communicate with a living person by appearing to them in a dream, as in the case of seeing the Prophet in a dream.

The hadith mentions devils being locked up, not jinns. Not all jinns are devils. For more on jinns see: Jinns in Islam.

And God knows best.

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