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Curing jealousy in Islam

Salam alaykum. For a long time I’ve been tested with jealousy. I am deeply insecure with myself physically and spiritually, and jealousy makes me feel uglier. My spouse in the past use to look at other women and that really made me more insecure and jealous. He has changed now. But jealousy is still something I face a lot and it builds anger and hatred in my heart. I just want to overcome jealousy and be a loving secure person with myself, and appreciate others. Please help.

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

I believe the best solution is to read the Quran daily and to try to live up to its ideals. Once you have a close connection with God it becomes easy to separate yourself from your situation and to view it with calmness and contentment. Rather than fighting the jealousy, work to become the type of person who naturally does not feel jealous. Maintaining a close relationship with God and the contentment that comes with it requires daily work. It is not something that can be achieved once, it has to be achieved every day by doing sufficient worship or Quran-reading.

And God knows best.

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