Islam and marital problems

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  1. Dealing with an alcohol-drinking husband
  2. Her husband forbids her from going to the gym

Dealing with an alcohol-drinking husband

my husband is occasional alcohol drinker。when he drunk he became the most terrible person in the world。he comeback home midnight says very bad words about me and even my family。most of the times when he drunk he thinks I cheated on him but I never did that kind of haram things,and in our marriage happened several times domestic violence when he drunk。when he didnt come home in time I started shaking and worried so much cant do anything normally。 then next day when he is not drunk he turned into my sweet husband again。I want to divorce but we have a little daughter and he didnt approve that saying he loves me。he promised so many times and failed every times。I cant trust him anymore。and I felt insecure most of the time ?what can I do please tell me。

May Allah make your situation easy. Unfortunately there is no simple solution for dealing with your case. Alcohol tends to weaken a person’s resolve and they may not be able to avoid it despite their best efforts. I recommend that you ask him to join a program for recovery from alcoholism and make this a condition for remaining with him. I also recommend that you consult your family and friends and ask for their help in dealing with your situation.

Best wishes.

Her husband forbids her from going to the gym

Hi. I wanted to ask regarding women going to a public gym - gyms have a ladies only section. My husband doesnt allow me to attend even though it has a dedicated ladies area. I havet ried to make him understand but he still doesnt allow it. I wanted to go for my own health & wellbeing &keep active. I have tried working out at home but it is hard as i live with the inlaws & sometimes dont feel comfortable & its harder to stay more motivated. Any tips or help to make him understand?

It is possible that he dislikes your going to the gym because he thinks you may still run into many men who may get a chance to admire you. Since he cannot be completely sure what goes on in the gym and what kinds of people there are in there, he may think it the safest option for you not to go. You could encourage him to come with you to the gym so that both of you work out there, if he becomes familiar with the place, and if it is a good place, then he may end up having a more favorable opinion of you working out there.

Another thing to do would be to go with fellow Muslim women (maybe try to connect with some using your local mosque’s sisters group), if he thinks you are in good company at the gym that may convince him to not be opposed to it.