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IslamQA: The name “Layyah”

I give my daughter name layyah binth thoufeek inspired by the name layyah binth yakoob , May I know this is true any bad meaning for layyah I am afraid because this name is calling in heaven too. Kindly advice mean I want to know exact meaning also . Some doc say she was the wife of yakoob peace up on him Please help me

Layyah is the Arabized form of the Old Testament name Leah, wife of Jacob (Prophet Yaqub ). From Wikipedia:

The name is likely to have Hebrew origins from Biblical times. It has the meaning of “wearied” or “grieved”. Many speculate that this meaning has to do with the circumstance of the most commonly know woman named Leah in the Old Testament. She was the first wife of Jacob and the older sister of Rachel, but because he was tricked into marrying her she was unloved her whole life despite the fact that she gave birth to 7 sons and a daughter for him. Leah was called one of the four arch-mothers of the country of Israel.

Since the name has a good meaning Muslims can use it.

I know of no hadith that mentions this name.

And God knows best.
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