16 Islamic articles on: baby names

IslamQA: The baby name Irsyad

Does Irsyad has good meaning? I can’t find it in your website but in others website has it. So would like to confirm. Thank you.

Irysad seems to be an Indonesian (or similar) spelling of the Arabic word Irshād, which means “to guide”, “the act of guiding”. This is a good name.

IslamQA: The baby name Tanzima

Assalamu alaykum. What is the meaning of the name Tanzima? And is it a good name for a female child? Jazakumullah khairan.

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Tanzima appears to be a feminization of the Arabic word Tanẓīm (“to put into order”, “to compose”, “to organize”). It is common in languages like Urdu to feminize Arabic words like this, but this is not done in Arabic itself. The name is appropriate to use since it has a good meaning.

IslamQA: Sea and water-related baby names

Are there any names with meanings related to the ocean, sea, water - I am from an island nation and I want to name my child with an element from Allah's creations that most resonates with our lives and environment

Please check out the following names:

IslamQA: Using the name “Niam” for boys

Hi, I would like to know if the name Niam can also be used for boys. On your website it says it's a girls name, but on other websites I see it's a boys name. What determines if a name is for a boy or girl? Kind regards


It is only social and cultural customs that determine whether a name is for boys or girls. In some places for example a name is mostly used for boys while in others the same name is used mostly for girls. There is no religious ruling about this; it is your own choice based on where you live. I searched online and it looks like Niam is used for boys in Indonesia.

IslamQA: The name “Ahil Fasih”

What is the meaning of the complete name ahil fasih and also tell me it is right name or not?

The Arabic word Āhil means “inhabitant”, “native [of some place]”. It can also mean “domestic”, as in a domestic animal. Fasih may be the Arabic word Faṣīḥ, which means “eloquent”, “one who speaks according to the proper rules of grammar and expression.”

Since both names have good meanings, the full name is good and acceptable.

IslamQA: The name “Layyah”

I give my daughter name layyah binth thoufeek inspired by the name layyah binth yakoob , May I know this is true hades.is any bad meaning for layyah I am afraid because this name is calling in heaven too. Kindly advice mean I want to know exact meaning also . Some doc say she was the wife of yakoob peace up on him Please help me

Layyah is the Arabized form of the Old Testament name Leah, wife of Jacob (Prophet Yaqub [as]). From Wikipedia:

The name is likely to have Hebrew origins from Biblical times. It has the meaning of “wearied” or “grieved”. Many speculate that this meaning has to do with the circumstance of the most commonly know woman named Leah in the Old Testament. She was the first wife of Jacob and the older sister of Rachel, but because he was tricked into marrying her she was unloved her whole life despite the fact that she gave birth to 7 sons and a daughter for him. Leah was called one of the four arch-mothers of the country of Israel.

Since the name has a good meaning Muslims can use it.

I know of no hadith that mentions this name.

IslamQA: Name suggestion for parents named Tousif and Neha

My hubby name is Tousif and my name is Neha… Can u tell me a cute name combined by both of us… I want both boy and girl name in combination of me and my hubby name

The only name I can think of is Taneem (Tanʿīm) which means “blessedness”, “living in comfort and luxury” in Arabic.

IslamQA: The meaning of Anha

Anha name meaning

The meaning depends on the language and the pronunciation of the name.

Anhā (أَنْهَى) means “he/she completed it”, “he/she caused it to reach [something]”, “he/she ended or invalidated [a contract]”.

I cannot find any other meanings from other languages.

IslamQA: What is the meaning of Sheenam?

Assalamu alikum, My daughter name is Sheenam. I was told that it is a persian name meaning Light. Sheen is mentioned in Quran also. Can you confirm it?

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

The meaning of that name depends on the way it is formed. There is no standard Persian word that sounds like Sheenam. But in the Māzandarānī dialect of Persian shī means “morning dew”, while in standard Persian shabnam means “morning dew”. It is possible that shīnam is a dialect word that combines shī and shabnam. If that is true, then Sheenam means “morning dew”.

Also, shī in the Māzandarānī dialect also means “soft, gentle rain”, while nam means “raindrop”. So shīnam can also mean “raindrop that falls from a soft, gentle rain.”

Also, in the Māzandarānī shī also means “spouse”, while nam means “name”. Therefore shīnam can also mean “spouse-name”.

There is no word in the Quran that sounds like shīn.

IslamQA: What is the meaning of the name “Arafat”?

Arafat (transliteration: ʿArafāt) is the name of a mountain 12 miles from Mecca where the pilgrims stand in supplication during the pilgrimage. ʿArafāt is the plural of ʿarafa which means “well-known”, “recognized” according to Ibn Sīda al-Mursī’s dictionary Al-Muḥkam wa-l-Muḥīṭ al-Aʿẓam (d. 1066 CE).

According to Habib Anthony Salmone’s An Advanced Learner’s Arabic-English Dictionary (1889) ʿarafa also means “patient”.

IslamQA: Is it permissible to use the name “Wahhab” without “Abdul”?

Asalamalaikum It is permissible to use Wahab/Wahhab name without Abdul or a similar prefix.

According to a fatwa by the website IslamOnline (which is overseen by the respected scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi), using the name Wahhab without “Abdul” is not permissible because it is specific to God.

The fatwa refers to the opinion of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah that names that are specific to God’s greatness should not be used without “Abdul”.


IslamQA: Is “Mumtahina” a good Islamic name?

I named my niece Mumtahina but people say it is not good for the baby. Please guide us more if it is an appropriate name for the baby or not.

First, note that the sura of the Quran is named Mumtahana, not Mumtahina. Mumtahana means “the woman who was tested” while Mumtahina means “a woman who tests [others].”

If you knowingly chose Mumtahina, then the meaning of “one who tests”, “tester” is not a bad meaning. It means the person is wise and discerning.

But if you chose it thinking it was in the Quran, then this is wrong, since the Quranic name is Mumtahana. But you can still keep Mumtahina since it does not have a bad meaning.