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IslamQA: Why I believe the Quran is truly from God

Is there anything that contradicts itself in Islam

There is nothing in the Quran that contradicts itself. I have read it over 100 times and have never been able to detect a single contradiction or unwise saying in it. I have never had the same experience with any other book. I read the Harry Potter books over 40 times (because I listen to them in Stephen Fry’s calming voice for half an hour or so every night as I try to fall asleep) and each time I read them I detect new mistakes in them. Check out this page on my site where I list over 80 serious errors in them. I know Harry Potter may not be a great comparison, but the same applies to the hundreds of other books I’ve read.

The Quran is the only book I’ve ever read where the writer is always wiser and smarter than me. And that is the greatest sign of its truth for me. When it comes to human-written books, I quickly match the author’s level of wisdom and start critiquing him/her to find weaknesses and mistakes in their thinking, or infelicities in their style of writing. I’m never, ever able to critique the Quran. I can never find a single place where I think something could have been stated better. It’s like looking at a perfect work of architecture, or a perfect flower, where you can never suggest an improvement.

But there are many hadiths that contradict each other or contradict the Quran, but in those cases the issue is of course the fact that the hadiths were not perfectly transmitted, or that some of them were fabricated, and there are also rare cases where the Prophet was simply stating his own personal opinion rather than transmitting divine knowledge, so we have to study the hadiths and find out which ones are the most authentic and most compatible with the Quran and Sunna’s philosophy.

So as a whole, Islam as I understand it contains zero contradictions. Everything makes sense once you look into it deeply enough.

Followup question:

Brother U wrote in one of ur answers that whike reading books such as harry potter etc u can pinpoint mistakes of yhe author but reading the wuran you feel is authoured by some genius or higher being. Something along these lines. Brother, plss can u briefly explain what makes the Quran superior than other books? The way words r used? their sequence? Rhytm, literature? Brother ur ans wud greatly help strenthen my imaan as some of ur others did. إن شاء الله

When you read a book often you start to get into the mind of the writer so that they become predictable to you. You know what they are going to say next. And you are sometimes able to see that they do not understand something as well as you do. There were books I enjoyed greatly as a teenager, such as the Shannara fantasy series, that I cannot enjoy now because the author’s thinking now seems so immature and unoriginal to me.

But when it comes to the Quran, nothing it says ever becomes predictable. It is as if each verse comes from an unimaginably complex being who can always take you by surprise. And the author’s thinking is always at the highest ideal, so despite all the times I have read it I still cannot find a single place where I think I understand something better than the author or where I think something could have been said better. And the author is always wiser than me, which is an experience I have never had with any other author. 

With human authors I quickly take in their thought processes and easily understand where they are coming from and what biases and blind spots they have. But the author of the Quran is literally impossible to encompass. I can never imagine what kind of thought process the author has because the author is not a human and does not think like a human, so he always takes me by surprise.

That is all about the intellectual content of the Quran. Then there is the whole other dimension of its beauty. I strongly feel that each page of the Quran would deserve a Nobel Prize in literature if it was written by a human. A human author would have written in Arabic, but the Quran writes into Arabic from a non-Arabic perspective. It bends the language around itself and redefines it. If you read any work of classical Arabic literature you quickly see the patterns in it and see how it reflects the culture of its time. But the Quran is in no way reflective of Arabian culture. You can see this very clearly when you compare the Quran with hadith. Hadith contains mostly statements made by humans, especially the Prophet , and it has no similarity to the Quran. After reading just a few hadiths you immediately know you are reading a human work that is the product of the culture of its time. The thought processes we see in hadith are very easily observable as human thought processes. Then you pick up the Quran and you immediately enter a wholly different world, it’s like moving from the world of humans to a higher and completely different world.

When you read the Quran many times it starts to become very clear that you are dealing with a being from a different world that is merely “translating” his thoughts so that humans can understand him. He is not restricted by the limits of the Arabic language or limits of the culture of Arabia, he completely bends the language into a new shape that forces it to yield a complexity and beauty that no power in our world could achieve.

Saying the Arabs of 600 CE wrote the Quran is even more unbelievable than someone finding a modern smartphone inside a cave in Arabia and saying the Arabs of 600 CE made it.

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