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IslamQA: What do jinns in dreams mean?

assalamu aleikum, does having nightmares with djinns have a particular meaning that we should take into consideration? or are they just like any other bad nightmares?

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

My attitude toward dreams, good or bad, is that they are just natural phenomena caused by the way the brain works. I consider it a waste of time to try to read too much into our dreams or try to interpret them, unless we have the same dream many times.

I have seen no hadith that mentions jinns have a special significance in dreams.

And God knows best.
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One thought on “What do jinns in dreams mean?

  1. Shawon

    I have been dreaming since 1 month same dream about jinns where i see 2 jinns together.jinns want to take my nephew and i don’t want to let them take i try to save him in my dream but i can’t save him and i woke up every time.i don’t know what does it mean.please help


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