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IslamQA: The difference between a woman’s mani, mazi and wadi

Salaam. Pardon me for asking this, for it's heading towards women privacy, but I had to ask. How to tell between wadi, mazi, and mani from women? Thank you very much for your time reading and answering this question. Jazakallah khayr.

Manī (ejaculate) is a liquid that sometimes comes out with orgasm and smells like egg whites. The ejaculating of manī necessitates ghusl (showering), whether it happens when asleep or awake. If it is caused to ejaculate on purpose (through masturbation), it invalidates the fast.

Madhī (vaginal muscus) is secreted during sexual arousal. It does not require ghusl, but it nullifies ablution and it should be cleaned away. It has no effect on one’s fast. Some scholars considered it impure (najis), but I prefer the opinion that it is pure (which is the opinion of the scholars Saʿīd b. al-Musayyab and Ibn Taymiyya), so if it is on the body or on clothes, there is no need to wash it off for the prayer to be valid.

Wadī is said to be a white discharge (coming from the urethra if I understand correctly) that sometimes happens after urination and is treated the same as urine. It does not necessitate ghusl and has the same rulings as urine.


And God knows best.

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    1. Ikram Hawramani Post author

      Mani is ejaculated during orgasm by some women. Madhi is not ejaculated, it is slowly secreted during sexual arousal. So if the liquid comes in quick spurts during orgasm, it is mani. If not, it is madhi.


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