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IslamQA: Should you open braids when doing ghusl?

AsalamAlaikumWaRahimatullah When finishing menses women has to do ghusl. When during ghusl I have to wash my hair. My hair are in small, many braids. If I wash my hair like this soap and water will have access to my whole hair and head. Do I still need to open my braids?

There is no need to open your braids as long as all of your hair gets wet.

Umm Salama reported:

I said: Messenger of Allah, I am a woman who has closely plaited hair on my head; should I undo it for taking a bath, because of sexual intercourse? He (the Holy Prophet) said: No, it is enough for you to cast three handfuls of water on your head and then pour water over yourself, and you shall be purified.

Sahih Muslim 330 a

Additional source on the permissibility of not opening braids when performing ghusl:

And God knows best.
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Sayibu Najilaw
Sayibu Najilaw
3 years ago

Always have the intention to pray, and start your prayers in the name of your Lord.