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IslamQA: Is using healing crystals haram?

assalamu aleikum, do you know anything about “healing crystals” and if it is shirk to own them? not just as a decoration but to believe that they better our mental/physical state? maybe there’s some science behind it that i don’t understand but it doesn’t seem compatible with islam to me

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

There is no scientific evidence that healing crystals have any benefit. But from the Islamic point of view it depends on your intention whether it is acceptable or not to use them. If you think they may have a natural healing power similar to drugs and herbs, then that is not idolatry (shirk) since idolatry only applies to beliefs about things having mystical and supernatural benefits. But if someone believes healing crystals have mystical and supernatural powers to bring benefit into one’s life and bypass God’s decrees, then that is idolatry.

And God knows best.
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