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Ammar (Name)

Ammar (transliteration: ʿAmmār, Arabic: عمّار) is an Arabic name for boys that means “one who lives a long life”1, being the emphatic form of Aamir. Ammar also means “one who improves and repairs land”2 and “one who performs the minor pilgrimage (ʿumrah) often.”3

Ammar may also be spelled Ammaar, Amar, Amaar and ‘Ammar.

There are 13 Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Ammar:

  • Ammar bin Humaid عمار بن حميد
  • Ammar bin Ziyad bin al-Sakn عمار بن زياد بن السكن
  • Ammar bin Sa`d al-Quradhi عمار بن سعد القرظي
  • Ammar bin Sa`d al-Tajibi عمار بن سعد التجيبي
  • Ammar bin Abi Salamah bin Abdullah عمار بن أبي سلامة بن عبد الله
  • Ammar bin Ikrimah عمار بن عكرمة
  • Ammar bin Ubaid al-Khath`ami عمار بن عبيد الخثعمي
  • Ammar bin Umair عمار بن عمير
  • Ammar bin Ghailan bin Salamah al-Thaqafi عمار بن غيلان بن سلمة الثقفي
  • Ammar bin Mu`adh bin Zurarah al-Ansari عمار بن معاذ بن زرارة الأنصاري
  • Ammar bin Abi al-Yusr عمار بن أبي اليسر
  • Ammar bin Yasir عمار بن ياسر

Below is the name Ammar written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Ammar written in Arabic kufi script:


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  1. Ammar Yaqub Alhassan

    Some of the names above are amr not Ammar.eg. it is amr bn aws not Ammar bn aws. So pls check and correct some of them


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