Why does God refer to seven heavens if we cannot see them and verify them?

When Allah in verse 7: 185 asked the children of Israel (?) to consider the creation of 7 heavens. How is that possible if we humans are only aware of the first heaven? Or was a miracle given to them which made them see all the 7 heavens? Or is it my translation only that says so

That particular verse mentions no number. At any rate, when God refers to the number of the heavens, He is referring to facts about the design of the universe that may eventually be discovered, but that we do not understand at the moment. The Quran refers to the expansion of the universe (verse 51:47), a fact that was only discovered around 1930 by Edwin Hubble. Before that discovery, skeptics could have said ‘We do not see the universe expand anywhere, therefore the Quran is lying.’ But now that the discovery is made, that strange verse acts as a support for the truth of the Quran.

From our limited knowledge, the wisdom behind God mentioning things we cannot verify is hidden. Perhaps God is reminding us that the universe is bigger and more complex than we realize (perhaps there are seven universes each inside the other). The verses are meant to create wonder in the mind of the reader and remind them that God knows far more than they know.

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