Who tells the truth these days? A list of rationalist sources

In these times, it’s difficult to know what’s really going on and what to trust. As someone who lives in the west and would like to know about the reality of things going on here, I would like to ask you for various reliable book recommendations. Unadulterated books that inform the reader about western shenanigans (i.e. their real politics, hidden agendas, media monopolization, who are the people behind these and their motives etc.). Your help will be much appreciated.

The first thing to note is the following, from an article by Paul Craig Roberts, economist and former US government official:

The word “conspiracy theory” is very useful for shutting down criticism of the government and discrediting anyone who questions things, because they are immediately grouped with fringe groups that say things like “the world is under the control of aliens” and talk about mind-control and telepathy.

In this way, anyone who presents evidence for corruption or criminal activity by those in power is easily discredited and ignored merely by being called a “conspiracy theorist”.

The other thing to note is that the internet is full of false conspiracy theories, designed to attract people’s attention away from the world’s real problems. Thus you have people who talk about the Illuminati and various other made-up organizations that supposedly run this world. By busying these people with these false theories, they are made incapable of focusing on the actual problems.

Another thing to note is that almost the entirely of the West’s media is thoroughly corrupt. You will never read widespread coverage of the evidence that the US government funds various terrorist groups in the Middle East, for example. And you will not read widespread criticism of the US support for the oppressive Saudi government. And when the Saudi government murders hundreds of innocent Yemenis using American weapons in its war against Yemen, it is entirely ignored by the West’s media, because it would look the US government look bad.

So who tells the truth in this atmosphere? The only media organization I know of that does not shy away from telling the truth and has many trustworthy people writing for it is The Unz Review. You could spend a year reading this site, and you would probably learn more from it than any number of books. Not everyone who writes for it is trustworthy, some have agendas, but most are.

As for books to read:

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