What is the wisdom behind the Quran containing stories when we cannot always relate to them?

Why are there stories in the Qur’an. What’s the Hikma behind them? Because I don’t think we can always relate to the times of prophets

6They tell us how good people behaved in the past, their mistakes, and how they dealt with life’s problems, and from these things we can learn many things. In the story of Yusuf we learn that a bad thing that happens (his being sold into slavery) can have good consequences (he became a powerful official thanks to it). We also learn that blessings come with tests that we should resist (such as his master’s wife wanting to seduce him).

A story that seems irrelevant to you today may become very relevant in a year or two as you go through life. When reading the story of Yusuf, today one part of the story may affect you and benefit you, another day it might be another part. Through the example of the prophets we learn how God’s chosen servants behaved so that we can try to act like them.

Those are they whom God has guided, so follow their guidance. Say, “I ask of you no compensation for it; it is just a reminder for all mankind.” (The Quran, verse 6:90)

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