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Uthaila (Name)

Uthaila (transliteration: Uthaylah, Arabic: أثيلة) is an ancient Arabian name for girls that means “noble”, “highborn”, “queenly”. It is the feminine diminutive of Atheel, which means “noble”, “deep-rooted”.12 Uthaila is also mentioned as the name of a place/area in Arabia belonging to the Bani Asad tribe.3

Uthaila is also spelled as Othaila, Othayla, Osaila, Osayla and Osaylah.

There are three Sahabiyyat (female Companions of the Prophet Muhammad ) named Uthaila:

  • Uthaila al-Khuza`iyyah أثيلة الخزاعية
  • Uthaila bint al-Harith أثيلة بنت الحارث
  • Uthaila bint Raashid أثيلة بنت راشد

Below is the name Uthaila written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Uthaila written in Arabic kufi script:


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