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The ruling on using alcohol in cooking

What is your opinion on cooking with alcohol, like wine etc. I know most Muslim ruling is NO on the subject. I am personally liberal in general in life and on this subject also. You simply can't get drunk on the food cooked with alcohol.

As discussed in this previous answer, vanilla extract that comes in alcohol is halal since it is not possible to get drunk on it. As for using alcohol in cooking, I believe this falls into a gray area because the alcohol you will be using will be something you can get drunk on; you would just be using small amounts of it. All it would take would be an increase in the dosage in order to get the same buzz as you would get from a can of beer. The alcohol in the house may also act as an encouragement for your family members to try it, especially teenagers. So I believe it is risky and that the pious thing to do would be to stay away from it even if you feel like you can use it safely.

I am not too familiar with the types of alcohol used in cooking. If there are any types that are simply impossible to get drunk on due things like bitter flavor (similar to vanilla extract), then that is different from things like cooking sherry and would be closer to the permitted side.

And God knows best.

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