Thanking God for saving us from calamities He sent

God is the originator of everything, so what is the point of thanking Him when He sends us blessings to save us from hardships that He could have prevented from happening in the beginning?

If we believe that God created us and knows all about us, and that He has infinite knowledge and wisdom, then we can be sure that He does not play games with us; He does not send us hardship solely for the purpose of us asking him to remove such hardships, but rather, there is always another purpose. There is always a wisdom in it, and it is a tremendous foolishness and arrogance to think otherwise–to think that we can see flaws in God’s actions that He Himself cannot see or mend (sadly, though, the God of Christianity too often seems this way, at least the way Christians paint Him).

Therefore there is nothing intelligent in making fun of “God saving us from calamities He Himself sent”; the clever atheist thinks this is yet another proof of the falsehood of the idea of God, when in fact he has rigged the equation to get the result he wants, he is simply saying “if God is false, then God is false”: First, he corrupts the idea of God, creating a God that is so unwise, unintelligent and unkind that He sends calamities only for the purpose of removing them, and then, with much smugness and pomp, he says that this God must be unwise, unintelligent and unkind.

This type of thinking is more of a sign of the incoherence of Christianity than of the faithlessness of the people of the age, for it is Christianity (at least its modern incarnation) that teaches the type of thinking that puts the burden on God to prove His kindness and greatness, rather than putting the burden on humans to prove their faith and perseverance in an All-Powerful Lord that does what He pleases.

God acts and is not acted upon. God is free to do as He likes, to serve His own purposes, to reward and to punish, to give and to withhold. It does not befit a human, in his smallness and powerlessness, to question God and ask Him to prove Himself. A human being, by the virtue of existing and being alive, is given infinitely many blessings. He has eyes with which to see, a blessing beyond appreciation; for how great it is to see and how terrible not to see! And how good it is to be able to taste, to breathe, to think and imagine, to smell, to touch, and to hear the voices of the ones we love.

This simulation that we live in is like being inside a video game. The characters inside a video game have no power of their own, all the action happens inside the computer’s brain. You do not raise your hand except that God does it for you, you will it, God does it. You are nothing but a thinking thing plugged into a simulation. You think you have power because God so reliably does what you will. There is no guarantee that your arm will raise when you will it, God has to uphold the laws of physics to enable it, He has to transfer the electric signals from your brain to your arms, and create all the other changes necessary in the Universal Register for your arm to move to where you want.

In our state of infinite powerlessness and need, we have to thank God in His Greatness for every blessing, small or big, and we have to thank Him for every calamity He saves us from, even if we assume He sent the calamity. We are powerless, we are completely under God’s dominion, a God who can bring us to the highest peaks of happiness or throw us into the deepest pits of misery. There is nothing preventing God from tormenting us with unimaginable torment, yet He chooses not to do that, isn’t this worth being thankful for? He gives us so many blessings, food and drink, eyes and limbs–blessings we did not earn–isn’t this worth being thankful for?

An atheist would say that God created us, therefore it is His “job” to give us things and take care of us. But God does not have a job assigned to Him. He does what He pleases. I want you to understand this important fact: God does not have to do anything for us. We are infinitely unimportant compared to Him. We are less important than the millions of bacteria that live on the palm of your hand: you probably kill hundreds of thousands of them every day without giving them the slightest thought. There is nothing preventing God from giving us the same treatment, or worse, except God’s own will.

The truth is that we have no rights. You do not have the right to breathe, or see, or think, or even exist. God gave you those, for His own reasons. We are free to rage at Him, but our rage is impotent. We cannot move an atom except that God moves it for us. We can use God’s own technology and power to think arrogant thoughts about our greatness and His smallness, but at the end of the day, the joke is on us. We are crossing a bridge, both ends of which are held up by God, and we ourselves are nothing but puppets controlled by strings that God moves (to our commands, but only because He is humoring us), and yet we are making fun of Him, saying He doesn’t exist, or saying “no thank you” for His blessings.

Arrogant humans think of their imaginary rights over God. Humble humans think of God’s very much real rights over them, for God has a right to be appreciated and worshiped by us, for He has endowed us with so many great things that none besides Him can give.

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