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  1. Areeb (Name)

Areeb (Name)

Areeb (transliteration: ʿArīb, Arabic: عريب) is an Arabic name for boys that is a synonym of muʿrib1, which means “Arabian” (as in “Arabian horse”)2 and “one who speaks Arabic fluently and eloquently”3 Areeb also means “pure water”.4

Areeb is also spelled as Arib.

There are four Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) named Areeb:

  • Areeb bin Zayd al-Nahdi عريب بن زيد النهدي
  • Areeb bin Abd Kalal عريب بن عبد كلال
  • Areeb al-Mulaiki عريب المليكي
  • Areeb bin Mu`awiyah al-Du’ali عريب بن معاوية الدئلي

Below is the name Areeb written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Areeb written in Arabic kufi script: