President Trump should brand his trade policy as “fair trade”

The term “fair trade” provides a great propaganda opportunity for US conservatives and Trump supporters. Trump’s goal is to enact tariffs that ensure trade does not negatively impact the American middle and working classes. This is what fair trade is all about, changing prices one way or another so that neither side of a transaction is taken advantage of.

Typically for the Right, this great opportunity to attack America’s anti-white opposition partyI mean the mainstream mediahas been wasted, and Jewish organizations like the New York Times continue to drum up support for their usurer economicscleverly branded as “neo-libralism” and “free trade”, the way usurers have been rebranded as financierswhile pretending to have the best interests of the American people in mind.

Free trade makes America’s super rich usurer class even richer as they enjoy, from their high towers, all the fruits that America has to  provide, at fire sale prices, without contributing anything in returnno, as if their collapsing the country’s manufacturing industry wasn’t enough, they continue to shamelessly extract rent and interest from every nook and cranny of the US economy. Their wealth continues to balloon, their central bank continues to print money and dump it into their banks, even as the average American’s wages and life opportunities continue their decades-long dive.

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