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On the hadiths mentioning camel urine as a medicine

Assalamualaikum I wanted to know about Islam's stance on the consumption of camel urine. I read somewhere that a group of people was asked to drink it by the prophet(). Is that Hadith authentic? Also, do other versions of this narration (which do not mention camel urine) exist?

The hadith mentioning it is authentic. I haven’t studied the hadiths that mention camel urine as I do not consider it an important issue, especially since scientists have discovered camel urine to have medicinal properties. The most important benefit is its ability to kill microbes and prevent bacterial infections:

And God knows best.

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  1. Alif

    May I suggest improvement?

    Use the ē for the long ‘e’ sound, which is a native English sound/ letter ie me, he, she..

    Stop confusing people with ‘i’. Hence Hadēth- a report, new; hadith (an incident).
    So Bukharē; tafsēr, Nasa’ē, iklēl, jalēl etc.

    And use ō for alif/ waw combination. Hence Ikram Hōramanē. This is accurate rathr your misleading and grossly ignorant transliteration where Arabs/Persian think
    the sound in ‘Lit’ is an ‘e’ and the sound in ‘me’ is an ‘i’.

    Thank you


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