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IslamQA: On getting depressed about the state of Islam and Muslims

I get so depressed whenever I think about the state of the Islamic world. Some of the biggest degenerates in the world somehow have the word " Islam" attached to them. All Muslim countries are suffering from some sort of disease. The rich are disgustingly rich, the poor are pathetically poor. Its so uncomfortable. Im so scared about what will become of us. It feels like the whole world is bleeding, how are we supposed to act in times like these?

Personally I’m extremely optimistic about the present state of Islam and Muslims and about their future. God is in charge of history. Everything happens according to His plan, and there is no one who can get in His way. This is exactly where God wants us to be. History is like a film directed by Him. I never worry about the future of Islam and Muslims because of my belief that history is managed by God. Our task is simply to do the best where we are with what He has given us. God wants this world to be a test, to bring out the best and worst in us, and this requires the world to offer all kinds of opportunities for people to be kind or cruel.

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And God knows best.

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