Makeup is permissible in Islam (with conditions)

I want to know if makeup is permissible? If you apply as natural and light as possible?

According to Ali Gomaa (Egypt’s former chief mufti), makeup is permissible as long as it is not overdone.

From a scientific perspective there are two ways of applying makeup. One of them is to enhance one’s appearance, this is the type of makeup that cannot be easily noticed, and I guess this is what you might call “natural”. The other type of makeup simulates ovulation and sexual arousal by making the pupils appear dilated (through thick eye shadow) and the lips bright read. This is a signal that is not unique to humans, it also exists among other primate species. For a longer discussion of this see my book review Conflicts of Fitness: Islam, America, and Evolutionary Psychology.

The first type of makeup is the permissible one, the second type is not (if worn in public, it is permissible in private), the second type is similar to wearing tight clothes, it is designed to attract the sexual interest of random males. For more on this see my previous answer The purpose of hijab in Islam.

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