Islam & Spirituality

April 2018
The types of touching between spouses or strangers that nullify wudu
Suicide and self-harm in Islam
Living as a Muslim and a homosexual
Is reading erotica permitted in Islam?
On Islamic prayers for fertility
Is adopting preferred to having one’s own child in Islam?
Is kosher meat and meat from Christian Orthodox countries halal?
On Muslims working for companies that deal with interest
Which Islamic school of thought should we be following?
Islamic rulings on ear, nose and tongue piercings
On rejoining Islam after a sinful life
On the ritual purity of cats in Islam
A man who refuses to marry the woman he had premarital sex with
Distinguishing between trustworthy and untrustworthy Muslim scholars and intellectuals
On raising the hands during salah as a Hanafi
On the Shia and their fate according to Sunni Islam
On unanswered prayers, and is it normal for a Muslim to doubt God’s existence?
On giving up a sinful relationship
A Muslim who cannot escape the guilt of a sinful life
Why is seeking knowledge important in Islam?
Is it forbidden for a Muslim to fall in love with a Christian?
On sharing a room with a homosexual person of one’s own sex
On responding to criticisms of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad
On praying (making dua) during salah and whether one can do it in English
Balancing materialism and fatalism
Wanting to get married as a Muslim woman but having no suitors
Solution for a person who due to illness cannot make up missed fasts
Not feeling at ease when reading the Quran
Hope for someone desiring suicide
On the evil eye
Getting engaged Islamically without marriage
March 2018
The Quran guarantees religious freedom, so why don’t Muslim scholars believe in it?
Dealing with the aftermath of a husband’s cheating
The issues surrounding the reliability of authentic narrations (al-Bukhari and Muslim)
How to be kinder and more polite to family members
Will all atheists go to hell in Islam?
On which scholar’s opinions to follow and scholarly consensus (ijmāʿ)
On fighting desires when alone
Dealing with an addiction to pornography
On sexism and misogyny in hadith narrations and the books of scholars
Is it forbidden for Muslims to befriend non-Muslims?
Dealing with cruelty from one’s own family
On God’s judgement regarding primitive humans (Amala and Kamala)
Can you do a khatm (complete reading) of the Quran with a translation?
On proposing to a man as a Muslim woman
Why doesn’t Islam have paintings and music?
Enduring the difficulties of having an abusive mother
On not speaking to someone for more than three days
Dealing with a family who want to marry off a daughter without her consent
Dealing with betrayal and slander from friends
Getting over an impossible love
Do Muslims need to make up prayers intentionally missed for years?
February 2018
Can a Muslim woman marry an uncircumcised man?
Avoiding the West’s culture of usury as a Muslim
Can one read or listen to Quran online without wudu?
How do Azhar-educated Muslims end up as terrorists?
Is it forbidden in Islam to be friends with a transgender person?
On stopping having infatuation for a person
On avoiding looking at inappropriate images on the internet
Learning to love God again
December 2017
Yoga is permissible in Islam if it is done for health
Islam and cruelty-free products
Makeup is permissible in Islam (with conditions)
The chaining of Satan and difficulties with Islam’s metaphysics
Will my past sins count against me after having returned to Islam?
How and why does God seal people’s hearts?
“Will the Sunni and Shia killing ever stop?”
Why Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslims
Daughter wants to distance herself from her abusive parents
Are men allowed to show their emotions in Islam?
Can prayer change your destiny in Islam?
Did God destroy the People of Lot for rape instead of homosexuality?
Dealing with sexist hadith narrations as a woman
It is permissible to celebrate Mawlid of the Prophet ﷺ
“I always feel depressed. What should I do?”
House husbands in Islam
How to pray on an airplane when you do not know the qibla
Should Islam and politics mix or not?
What to do if you cannot read the Quran very well
What is the best dua for marrying well?
The purpose of hijab in Islam
It is permissible for Muslims to say “Merry Christmas” to non-Muslims
November 2017
Dealing with abusive parents in Islam
“Am I a fake Muslim if I feel guilty at what other Muslims are doing?”
What is the Islamic way to treat cruel and repugnant relatives?
Do women make up the majority of people in Hell?
Serving God when dependent on your parents
“Why are Muslims so judgmental? Muslim men’s expectations of women are too high.”
Dealing with an overly emotional mother
What is a good prayer (dua) for fear?
Can Muslims marry but never have children?
Are Muslims allowed to never marry?
Breaking up with a friend of the same sex who is sexually attracted to you
Honor killings and execution of adulterers in Islam
Can someone with mental illness marry in Islam?
Marriage is not necessarily “half our religion”
What are the manners and rules of performing wudu and prayer?
Is getting agitated when someone walks in on you praying something to be concerned about?
On intentionally delaying the isha prayer
How to repent from zina (sex outside of marriage)
Can you pray after eating pork by mistake?
Why is sexual harassment of women common in Muslim countries? IQ and development, not religion
Feeling more spiritual with friends, less spiritual when alone
Why can’t I pray tahajjud anymore?
“How to avoid sexual desires?”
“He made me fall in love with his words, I crossed my line for him…”
“I am tired of fighting and tired of trying…”
“Is it bismillaah ar rahman ar raheem or bismilaa hir rahman nir raheem?”
“This world has always been so cruel to me…”
October 2017
Masturbation is not clearly forbidden or allowed in Islam
Niqab is not more “Islamic” than hijab, and why I do not recommend it
Islam, the Good Parts: A Basic Income System that Encourages Employment, Productive Investment and Automation
What’s a good modern biography of Prophet Muhammad?
What to recite next after finishing salah
Can a person perform the ritual washing of a dead spouse’s body?
Dealing with parents who disrespect and fight each other
On Islamic Manners Toward Parents
What to do if you cannot find interesting and like-minded Muslims to befriend
Islam’s theory of free will versus physical determinism: Why humans are responsible for their actions even though God operates the universe
Should Muslims boycott the Hajj because of Saudi repression and war crimes?
What to do if strict/intolerant Muslims make you dislike Islam
God has not abandoned you: Regaining your sense of purpose when life feels spiritually empty, lonely and meaningless
When to stand up during the iqamah, at the beginning, a specific point or at the end?
Muslims may use “God” instead of “Allah”, and why most converts to Islam should keep their pre-Islam names
Strategies for forgiving others
September 2017
What to do if the Quran (in English) does not touch your heart
What is “sabr”?
Dating and Relationships in Islam: What is Allowed and What is Not
Islam versus Feminism
Understanding Islam’s Sophisticated Approach to Slavery: Why Muslims Practiced Slavery in the Past, and Why They Reject it Today
The Quranic and Prophetic Way to Treating Non-Muslims
How is it fair that unattractive women have difficulty getting married? Why does God allow this?
Why did God let His scriptures (the Torah and the Gospels) become corrupted?
Did God intend for Satan to not bow down to Adam? Why did He let it happen?
What is Tawbah Nasoohah?
Islam and dealing with PTSD from sexual abuse
Being a Muslim and a tomboy
How do Muslims justify their Prophet supposedly marrying a 9-year-old girl?
Will God forgive your sins?
Islamic Strategies for Escaping a Sinful Life
Dealing with an eating disorder (and other mental conditions) as a Muslim
It is permissible for Muslim women to pluck their eyebrows (with conditions)
On the Rohingya Muslims
The Islamic way to getting over a breakup
The Islamic view of watching anime and reading manga
What to do if all the negative coverage of Islam and online Islam-bashing affects you
Is the Deathly Hallows sign related to the “Illuminati”?
Difference Between Sunnah Muakkadah and Ghair Muakkadah
Are tattoos permissible in Islam?
Do you need wudu’ to make du’a or dhikr?
On kind-hearted non-Muslims being better than evil Muslims
Can Muslims keep dogs as pets?
Is donating blood permissible in Islam?
The Islamic View of Sex Education and Adolescent Exposure to Sexual Scenes in Novels and Films
What to do if you make a mistake during salah (formal prayer)?
What is the right age for a Muslim woman to get married?
Will one’s prayers be valid if they unknowingly make an error in them for a long period of time?
How long can you delay the isha prayer?
Raising and lowering the finger during salah (formal prayer)
How soon are the sunnah prayers performed after the fard prayers?
August 2017
How to increase iman (piety and mindfulness of God)
Can a Muslim woman have male friends? The Islamic view of having friends of the opposite sex
What is permissible for a Muslim woman to wear in front of her husband, and what are they allowed to do in private?
What is permissible for a Muslim woman to wear in front of her father, other close male relatives, and other women?
July 2017
Why do different Muslims (such as Hanafis) follow different prayer timings?
How to make up multiple missed prayers (salah)
Origin of Darood Sharif
On Islam, Homosexuality and Homosexual Muslims
What happened to Islamic civilization? Why did Muslims fall behind in science and technology?
Book recommendations for a beginner to Islam
Listening to Music is Permissible in Islam
How to stop wasting time on social media
Why must women pray behind men at the mosque?
Patriarchy in the Quran
Dealing with a porn addiction
Managing stress and loneliness
What to do if you have intentionally missed many days of prayers
The point of the Islamic acts of worship
June 2017
What to do when your spouse is less religious than you
December 2016
Islam, the Good Parts: Guaranteed Basic Income for Women
October 2015
Why there are so few Christian terrorists
August 2015
Horoscopes and Islam
December 2014
Is reading the Quran better than listening to it?