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IslamQA: Is celebrating 15 of Shaban (Barat) a bida?

What is your opinion on Shab e Barat? Some say it is bidah some say it's not

Regarding all supposedly bidʿa acts of worship I believe Ibn Taymiyyah has the most sensible opinion (unfortunately most of those who claim to follow him do not take the trouble to read him carefully). His opinion is this:

  1. Those who sincerely perform the act of worship, believing that they are doing a good deed, may be greatly rewarded by God for it.
  2. Those who are not convinced that the act of worship is legitimate should avoid it.

Personally I am in the second camp; I am not a fan of most of these forms of worship and avoid them. But I do not criticize those take pleasure and satisfaction in them. It is their business and God may reward them for their effort and sincerity.

For more on Ibn Taymiyya see my essay Ibn Taymiyya and His Times.

And God knows best.

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