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How to know which scholarly opinions to follow in Islam

assalamu aleikum, how can I know whether I'm following a certain Islamic opinion due to my personal preferences/ because it seems less extreme to me Or if I am just thinking logically?Jazak Allah Khairun

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

You cannot practice Islam without using your own judgment. Even if you only follow the opinions of respected scholars, you still often have to choose between the opinions of one scholar and another. Your duty is to make a best effort to figure things out by following the scholars who seem to make the most sense and who seem to represent the spirit of the Quran most accurately.

I recommend reading the Quran daily and basing your thinking on that. The Quran is your guide and the scholars are your teachers. Try to take the best from everyone and try to constantly increase your knowledge so that you can better judge things for yourself.

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And God knows best.

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