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How do you feel about ISIS?

How do you feel about ISIS? They claim to be Sunni, follow hadith, Sunnah and Qur'an yet are deemed as terrorists and true enemies of modern day Islam. I just wondered if they are right in some ways but wrong in others.. or are they completely wrong and will face Hellfire?

ISIS as an organization, like the Taliban, is almost certainly a creation of Western and Saudi intelligence, as many Iraqi and Russian analysts and politicians believe. For more on this see this previous essay.

As for the ISIS ideology, like almost every terrorist organization with ties and funding from Western and Saudi intelligence, it follows Wahhabism. In the name of fighting bidʿa (false innovations in religious matters), such as the worship of saints, they are guilty of the greatest false innovations of modern times: the belief that they are the possessors of the absolute truth and that they have a God-given right and mission to wipe out all Muslims that disagree with them and that refuse to bow down to their rule. For more on this see my recent essay: The Difference Between “Salafism” and “Wahhabism” and Why I Belong to Neither Group.

As for their fate, only God knows. Its ordinary members may really believe they are serving God.

And God knows best.

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