2 thoughts on “Feminism and reality

  1. Anonymous

    How do you still get IT work when you have a web site like this mixing IT tech topics with conservative, political correctness bashing, feminist propaganda debunking AND Islam. If I wrote conservative articles on my IT website, the #Googlag National Socialst Gestapo thought police in Silicon Valley would black list me for IT work. So I keep my mouth shut or the SJW feminazis will attack.

    Is it because you are an Iranian Muslim immigrant to the USA, so the leftists dare not attack you since Muslims are the darlings of the regressive left at the current top of the list of “oppressed minorities” in the insane feminist intersectionality ranking of victims of the evil white Christian Americans. LOL.

    Keep your powder dry.

    Buddha with you.

    1. Ikram Hawramani Post author

      I use a pen name as my last name on this blog and on my books, which provides a little bit of anonymity, although it is pretty easy to find out my real last name with a little digging.

      It is just a risk I choose to take. I believe that the only reason corrupt governments and organizations like Google operate is because too many people make the lazy moral choice of valuing their jobs more than truth and justice. For example if millions of Americans did not support the military infrastructure that enabled the destructive wars on Iraq and Libya, the government could not have done these.

      It is my belief that the only way forward for society is for individuals to make the right choices in their lives, and with this social and political change will naturally follow.

      I am aware that much of what I do makes me less employable, but I trust in God’s ability to support me.

      It is true that SJWs and those who fund them have decided to be friendly toward Muslims, since they see us as useful tools in furthering their agenda, the same way they see blacks and women. They consider us easily manipulable by their clever slogans and their hatred for whites and Christians. They are in for a rude awakening, because devout Muslims do not believe in acting as a political interest group, and they do not believe that the ends justify the means, unlike the mostly Jewish SJWs, these new Bolsheviks, who believe these things.

      Islamic spirituality encourages a devout Muslim to have a soft heart. A soft heart makes it impossible to condemn a white professor for correcting a black student’s spelling. A hard heart, hatred, and the blindness caused by worshiping ideology instead of God are needed. Islam is the natural enemy of SJWs, political correctness, feminism and every other regressive movement of the fashionable West, because the Quran creates a form of worldview and lifestyle that’s fundamentally at odds with the agendas of these regressives. These movements will try to annex Islam to use it for their own ends, but it is not going to happen as long as Muslims continue to read and be inspired by the Quran.


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