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Barra (Name)

Barra (transliteration: Barra, Arabic: برّة) is an Arabic name for girls that means “affectionate”, “kind”, “gentle”, “dutiful”, “pious”, “doer of good deeds”, “virtuous”.123

Barra may also be spelled Barrah, Bara, and Barah.

There are three female Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Barra:

  • Barra bint Abi Tajrat برة بنت أبي تجراة
  • Barra bint Abi Salamah برة بنت أبي سلمة
  • Barra bint Aamir برة بنت عامر

Below is the name Barra written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Barra written in Arabic kufi script:


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