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Asaas (Name)

Asaas (transliteration: ʿAsʿas, Arabic: عسعس) is an ancient Arabian name for boys that means “wolf”.1 Its literal meaning is “that which comes/appears in the night”, used to refer to wolfs due to the fact that their howling is heard during the night.23 When used as a verb, the word means “it came about during the evening/night.” The verb form is used in the Quran in verse 81:17:

A call to witness the night as it falls. (Some scholars interpret the word in this verse as "it recedes". Both interpretations are possible.)4

Asaas is also spelled As’as and As-as.

There is one Companion of the Prophet Muhammad named Asaas:

  • Asaas bin Salaamahعسعس بن سلامة

Below is the name Asaas written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Asaas written in Arabic kufi script:


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