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Arwa (Name)

Arwa (transliteration: Arwā, Arabic: أروى) is an Arabic name for girls that means “female ibex” (wild goat)12 Fairuzabadi mentions that Arwa is also the name of a well on the way to Mecca.3

Arwa is also spelled Arwaa and Arua.

There are five Sahabiyyat (female Companions of the Prophet Muhammad ) named Arwa:

  • Arwaa bint Rabee`ah أروى بنت ربيعة
  • Arwaa bint Abi al-Aas أروى بنت أبي العاص
  • Arwaa bint Abdul Muttalib أروى بنت عبد المطّلب
  • Arwaa bint Kraiz أروى بنت كريز
  • Arwaa bint Unais أروى بنت أنيس

Below is the name Arwa written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Arwa written in Arabic kufi script:


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  3. Al-Qamoos al-Muheet by Fairuzabadi (d. 1414 CE), entry for رَوِيَ.
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