Hawramani Encyclopedia of Muslim Baby Names

Arid (Name)

Arid (transliteration: ʿĀriḍ) is an Arabic name for boys that means “clouds”12. Arid can also mean “that which blocks something”,3 such as a mountain that blocks the way.4

Arid is also spelled as Ared, Ariz, Arez, Aarid, Aariz, Aaridh, and Aridh.

There is one Companion of the Prophet named Arid:

  • Arid al-Jashmi عارض الجشمي

The word Arid is used in the Quran in verse 46:24:

Then, when they saw a cloud approaching their valley, they said, “This is a cloud that will bring us rain.” “In fact, it is what you were impatient for: a wind in which is grievous suffering.”

Below is the name Arid written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the same name written in Arabic kufi script:


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