Anita Sarkeesian is Jewish

Below is a screen shot from Race and Gender in Electronic Media: Content, Context, Culture, a typical book of feminist verbiage intended to be force-fed to college students, by the Jewish writer Rebecca Ann Lind, a member of the Holy Priesthood of Overpaid and Pampered College Bureaucrats, casually quoting a tumblr post that refers to Anita Sarkeesian as a middle class Jew, confirming what many have suspected:

While this cannot be taken as complete proof, it is nearly that. A Jewish person will not lightly allude to another person’s Jewishness unless she was very sure of this fact.1

I know it is nearly illegal for us gentiles to talk about the Jewishness of others (only Jews are allowed this privilege of deciding whether another person’s Jewishness is relevant or not), but if you suffer from low latent inhibition like I do, patterns are hard to ignore.

And in her case, the pattern is clear. First, she is entirely funded and supported by Jews and their organizations. Her laughably stupid nonsense is being taken seriously by Jewish owned-and-operated Reddit, Google (through their YouTube subsidiary), Tumblr and Facebook. Our mostly Jewish-run woolly-science academia treats her words as gospel.

Second, she is allowed the incredible privilege of talking in the name of the entire gaming industry, deciding which game makers get credited as good boys and which ones get a treatment reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition by her vast army of dedicated trolls and bullies, the same way that Jewish feminists like Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan and Naomi Wolf are allowed the privilege of talking in the name of all women, and war-mongering Jewish “conservatives” like Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol and David Frum are given the privilege of talking in the name of all conservatives, and the racism-paranoia-promoting, Jewish founded, owned and operated SPLC is given the privilege of talking in the name of all blacks.

Sarkeesian is yet another incarnation of Gloria “I Get Paid by the CIA” Steinem and American Communist Party member Betty Friedan, aging Jewish biddies supported by Jewish usurers and their organizations and driven by a deep hatred and disgust for whites (and gentiles in general), who can’t get over the fact that we subhuman gentiles enjoy inner lives not entirely under their control.

They want to be the ones with the power to define for us what femininity and justice are, lest we should do it ourselves and come up with something that doesn’t fit their narrow-minded prejudices, and that could possibly take away their purpose in lifehaving something to hate and destroy. They will examine everything within the sphere they’ve decided to conquer and control as carefully as Medieval Catholic blacklist monitors reading the text of a new book in search of heresy. Everything is examined with the utmost suspicion, and the only people who get a free pass are those who slather their entire productions with virtue-signaling dog whistles.

Every day they find something new to throw a tantrum about, something new to justify their own pathetic existence and ensure further donations and grants to subsidize their lives of upper class luxury that most of us could only dream of.

The personal is political. All that is holy and dear to us shall be burned in their cleansing fire, no rules of civility and decorum, no human empathy, is allowed for those of us who refuse to bow down to their holier-than-thou obsession with controlling our lives and thoughts. We need to be beaten into shape, not only shall we all act politically correct, we need to think politically correct. We have to let them invade and rape our minds over and over again until we have lost all sense of culture and identity. History books have to be burned and rewritten to fit their narrative, book contracts have to be destroyed, political speeches have to be violently disrupted, YouTube channels shut down, Twitter accounts suspendeduntil only their One True Speech remains, until their abortion-loving, white-hating, male-shaming ideology becomes our culture and our law. All of our TV shows, books, movies, and now video games, have to be censored by them and then either given “good boy” badges or cast out of the industry. Until we all submit our minds and our souls and our children to the way of life that they define and control.

They want absolute control over us, and they exploit blacks, immigrants and women using their Trojan Horses of justice and equality to defeat all opposition, so that they remain perpetually in charge of the West’s culture. And they want to make sure they continue to live their lives of luxury as feminist writers, editors, pundits and academic bureaucrats, squeezing every cent out of the victimhood narratives they manufacture. And then these same greedy and utterly corrupt people have the audacity to claim that they are the victims. The talentless Anita Sarkeesian and her (Jewish) sister-in-whining Jessica Valenti have built well-paying careers on the narrative that they are somehow victims of online bullying campaigns. And the corrupt and complicit gaming journalism media, supported by the Jewish censors at Reddit, Google, Tumblr and Facebook pretend this is really the case, until a narrative is built that convinces most observers.

But there are a few of us who can see through all of this.


  1. We can safely assume Lind is Jewish because (1) she is a college bureaucrat (50% chance of Jewishness) (2) She has an Ashkenazi last name (90% chance of Jewishness) and (3) she has the Ashkenazi look (90% chance of Jewishness). We can sum these probabilities by multiplying the chances of her not being Jewish: 50% * 10% * 10% = 0.005%, meaning there is a 99.995% chance she is Jewish.

5 thoughts on “Anita Sarkeesian is Jewish

  1. Anonymous

    So nice to see a Muslim speak out like this instead of the insanity of the Palestinian SJW pussy hat march organizer Linda Sarsour… .truthrevolt DOT org/news/organizer-behind-next-womens-march-convicted-palestinian-terrorist

  2. Anonymous

    Well spoken! Agree with most of it. I wish more Muslims publicly spoke like you. Since you have written so many well thought out essays, I just bought your Cloud Computing Kindle book. Nicely done. Read most of it. Will give it a good review.

    How do you still get IT work when you have a web site like this mixing IT tech topics with conservative, political correctness bashing, feminist propaganda debunking AND Islam. If I wrote conservative articles on my IT website, the #Googlag National Socialst Gestapo thought police in Silicon Valley would black list me for IT work. So I keep my mouth shut or the SJW feminazis will attack.

    Keep your powder dry.

    Buddha with you.


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