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Abis (Name)

Abis (transliteration: ʿĀbis) is an Arabic name for boys that means “lion”1, its literal meaning is “angry”2 and “fierce”3.

There are four Companions of the Prophet who have this name:

  • Abis bin Ja`dah al-Tamimi عابس بن جعدة التميمي
  • Abis bin Rabee`ahعابس بن ربيعة
  • Abis bin Aabis al-Ghaffariعابس بن عابس الغفاري
  • Abis slave of Huwaitib bin Abd al-Uzzaa عابس مولى حويطب بن عبد العزى

Abis was the name of a sword mentioned by the poet Farazdaq, belonging to someone called Abdulrahman bin Sulaim al-Kalbi.4

The name Abis may also be spelled as Aabis, Abes, Aabes, and ‘Abis.

Below is the name Abis written in Arabic naskh script:


Below is the same name written in Arabic ruʿqah script:


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