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Aaid (Name)

Aaid (transliteration: ʿĀʾiḍ) is an Arabic name for boys that means “something that fills the place of another thing (that one has lost)”1, “something given to someone (especially by God) that consoles them for a loss”2.

There is a famous modern Saudi Islamic scholar and activist who has this name: Aaid al-Qarni (born 1959).

The name Aaid may also be written as Aid, Aaid, Aaidh, Aiz, Aayiz, Aayidh, Aayid, Aayiz.

Below is the name Aaid written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is Aaid written in Arabic ruʿqah script:


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  2. Supplément aux dictionnaires arabes by Reinhart Dozy (d. 1883 CE), entry for عوض.
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